If You Voted for John Kasich in Ohio–You’re an Idiot: George Soros gave over $200,000 to the establishment Governor

If you voted in Oho for John Kasich—you are an absolute idiot.  If you have not yet voted, there is still time to save you.  Kasich is one of the most progressive politicians in both parties.   He is closer to Bernie Sanders socialism than he is to Hillary Clinton politics and the proof is in this–George Soros—the extreme leftist billionaire who seeks to sink America as a sovereign country and convert the nation into a socialist utopia gave over $200,000 to Kasich’s campaign to help him in Ohio.  That and only that disqualifies him to even run as a Republican.  If you want many more reasons why not to vote for Kasich CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  But any support from George Soros is a shot at anyone who considers themselves “conservative.” 

If for some reason you don’t know who Soros is, then CLICK HERE to learn more.


Rich Hoffman


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5 thoughts on “If You Voted for John Kasich in Ohio–You’re an Idiot: George Soros gave over $200,000 to the establishment Governor

  1. I just assumed everyone knew this. Poor Willie (Soros hating) Cunningham. Another uneducated shill.
    I kissed my last ring with Kasuck. Even those I vote for I will never fawn over. Watching the trump supporters is like being so far ahead of the curve the rear view mirror isn’t even an option. Very pathetic. Just vote, all that ass-kissing is just gross.

    Kasich top donors


  2. It’s very hard to pull your pants up from around your ankles with the knife still in your back. I should know.
    I foresee myself as a write-in voter. Probably for the rest of my days should things go the way I believe they will.


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