Ann Becker Wins, Patti Alderson Loses: A new dawn for a Constitutional Republic–not turning the other cheek

For me it was the best election I’ve enjoyed in quite some time.  All my people didn’t win but the one I most supported did—and that was Ann Becker knocking out Patti Alderson off the Ohio State Central Committee.  Patti is part of the party establishment that speaks about Republican values but behaves like a Democrat and she along with several like her gave us John Kasich.  There were several Tea Party challengers to the establishment State Central Committee candidates who are all just as bad as Patti relative to political philosophy—and few of them broke through like Ann did—but now Becker can begin to do valuable work from the inside that will help guide the Republican Party back toward real conservatism instead of just RINO namesake—using the party to win elections then run like their more progressive rivals.

It never fails to shock me even knowing all that I do about how things work—to learn to what extent the Republican Party led by John Kasich in Ohio had a lock on voters through the machine of politics.  I have been supporting Donald Trump for president and was happy with his wins on Tuesday, March 15th.  I was hoping he’d get Ohio but based on the feedback I had from area Republicans attending a Trump event recently I was continually baffled to hear them talk about how they feared to let it be publicly known that they liked Trump.  I mean these were grown adults and they were fearful of the wrath of some little hunchback progressive who could get his ass kicked by a falling leaf.  There is nothing to fear about John Kasich.  Yet politicians afraid of harming their rise to power within the party did not want party leaders to know that they were at this epic Trump event but only to get an autograph of the celebrity.  The head of the Republican Party was supposed to be seated next to me, but he never showed up because obviously the party was in the bag for Kasich and he was expected to strong-arm his party members into supporting the current governor over Trump.  That is precisely what is wrong with politics.  Those politicians didn’t represent the people who elected them—they represented with real anxiety the desires of the party bosses and largely that temperament has been shaped over many years by people like Patti Alderson.  So it was wonderful to see her go down in flames to someone I know will truly steer the State Central Committee into the direction of a constitutional republic.

As the nationwide results came in I was embarrassed for Ohio and the Republican Party that was so proud of their ability to turn out votes for John Kasich—in spite of him being an extreme loser who has no chance nationally of winning anything outside of a complete insurrection at the National Convention.  Trump and Cruz are the clear favorites among voters leaving all the establishment types in the dust of recollection.  Listening to Kasich talk you’d think he just won the Super Bowl.   What was painful to me was what many of those area Republicans and their donors said to me just a few days prior at the Trump event.   If given a choice, they’d vote a different way.  I’d say to them that nobody knows how you vote when it’s just you in the booth.  That’s when they’d say to me—“yes they do.”  They didn’t want it to ever be discovered that they supported anybody but Kasich for President in 2016—even though the guy had no chance to do anything nationally. With all that strong-arming by party bosses Kasich won a measly 66 delegates.  To date he has barely broke 100 which is deplorable.  Only career politicians would think such a thing was something to celebrate.

Patti Alderson in spite of the people who will tell me and you dear reader that she’s a pinnacle of virtue is exactly the type of person who is bad for the Republican Party.  She supported increases in taxes—has used charities as a means of extortion against children by blocking out people who actually tried to help then smeared the people who were really trying to point a light on what she was doing with the unionized educators embedded deeply in our community.  I know firsthand what she’s like behind the smiles and the charity—and she went after my name rather viciously once all other means of stopping my anti-tax group ran out.  In a lot of ways what she did locally was a lot like what the Republican Party is doing now to Donald Trump.  They don’t know how to stop him so they are attacking him.  And like him I have a similar social policy—I never forget, I do hold grudges and even if it takes 100 years, I look to get even against those who have done me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with that type of animosity—it is the difference between winners and losers.  All this turning the other cheek stuff in my view is a stupid position to take on anything—it certainly isn’t a path to any kind of victory.  If they hit you, you always hit them harder and harder until they stop and give up.

It was four years to the day that I had to dig in like Trump and defend my record by an onslaught of media and public sentiment coordinated by Patti against me to essentially preserve all that she had built connecting the Republican Party to Lakota Schools and the tax increases that she wanted.  I encouraged all my Republican friends to stand with me, that what Patti was doing with her tax increase support around the community using charity to help sell it would lose in the end in spite of the mudslinging—that all she was trying to do would backfire if everyone would just hold their ground.  But they listened to her because she was a party insider instead of me and history told the rest of the story.  I am proud to be the first that I know of in modern politics to do as Trump is now on a national stage.  I tried to tell area Republicans to dig in and stand for something and some did.  Most continued listening to Patti—like Judy Shelton who was strong-arming local Republican members to hold the line of the party even if the party was wrong philosophically.  (CLICK TO REVIEW)  Thankfully good people have been challenging the Republican establishment ever since and many have broken through.  Ann is only the most spectacular and recent example.  But many before her have been pounding away at those fences and now they are starting to break through.

Trump is a result of that offensive strategy, he would not have had the kind of success he is now prior to 2012.  I said to an NPR reporter for WVXU at that Trump event standing in front of the Bernie Sanders supporters that politics was changing forever.  Trump was paving the way for a new kind of politician—part entertainer, part private sector success story, and part WWF.  It takes those entertainment attributes to break the party lines and establish yourself independently from any collectivist rule.  I proved that 100 days after an onslaught that Patti Alderson led against me within the Republican Party to remove me from her plans by using a little authentic theatrics to gain supporters away from her way of thinking. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  I was astonished by all the people who were happy that my methods had actually worked—they stopped me everywhere and thanked me for what I had done—which was simply to stand my ground when everyone else literally abandoned me at Patti’s direction.  I wrote about my experiences extensively and now many thousands of people have read about that strategy.   I said it in 2012—the way to win as a Republican was to hit back at Democrats harder than they hit you.  Many being good Christians couldn’t get their mind around it.  But the Saul Alinsky playbook exposes that tendency among Republicans to turn the other cheek and that’s how liberals have continued to beat conservatives time and time again, and there has been no end in sight, until that moment in 2012.  So it gives me great satisfaction to see Ann Becker beat out Patti Alderson and to see Donald Trump using that same strategy on a national level.  Not that Trump adopted any of my ideas; he’s certainly his own man.  But enough people have been thinking about these things and a chain reaction within politics has taken on a life of its own.

It was quite enjoyable for me to watch Trump’s speech after he won essentially all the states on the March 15th election except for Ohio—knocking out Marco Rubio from the presidential race.  Trump attacked the media, the GOP establishment and showed that he was standing by his campaign manager when there were calls for his head—and he did it with a smile on his face to the outrage of the media.  I remember how it felt for me March 12th through March 15th of 2012 when Patti Alderson led her group of people to attack me in every way that she could without actually getting her hands dirty.  I remember my hatred of Michael Clark from The Cincinnati Enquirer, the betrayal of Scott Sloan at WLW, and my supposed friends within No Lakota Levy who abandoned me while speaking to hundreds of thousands of people on the air in the moment when I needed them most.  They did what they did because Patti had led them to their actions—I have the emails to prove it–still.  But I stood my ground as hard as it was.  Professionally, if I had been anyone else I would have been finished as a person in Butler County—but people like Patti didn’t care in the least.  For her the needs of the many out-weighed the needs of the few and if I was getting in the way—even if I was technically correct—then disposal was the option.  It was a hard period of time for me.  But I dug in and stood my ground and people thanked me for it.  And now, just four years later my friend Ann Becker has replaced Patti Alderson from her Central Committee seat and Donald Trump is running for president and is essentially using the same methods I did to advance his tactical position.  And this time the Republican establishment can’t stop him.  Because those of us on the cutting edge have seen the weak spots in the party system and now it is coming apart.  And that gives me great satisfaction for really the first time in over thirty years of political observation.  March 15th was a good day for our Constitutional Republic.  And things are just getting started.  It’s not that anger and flamboyancy are the proper means to defending a republic, but when fear is used to keep party members in line and to force people to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t on their own—the best way to deal with it is to throw it back in the perpetrator’s face and stand up to the bully—whoever it is.  There is one thing in this world that I have no tolerance for and that is a bully.   Trump isn’t the bully—it’s the people who use party members to hold people to a worthless vote that goes against the voters.  And of that class—Patti Alderson was one of the most frequent violators.  She didn’t bully people with force—she does it with a smile on her face and a large check book.  But the methods are conducted under coercion nonetheless—and that has to end at every level of government, from local to international.

So how did Ann win that important election—well, I’ll tell you.  She was at the Trump rally in West Chester even though she’s a Cruz supporter—she went where the people were and she talked to those many thousands who were standing in the rain trying to get into the packed venue.  Those were people who were definitely going to vote in West Chester for Trump and she gave them her name on the ballot.  Most people reading through such ballots have no idea who Patti Alderson was, but they knew Ann because she handed them literature with her name on it working the crowd.  She went door to door.  She was on the nightly local television news.  She had write ups in the newspaper.  She was on the radio.  And she had commercials on 55 KRC.  In short, she took nothing for granted and she actively worked every angle possible to the largest extent possible.  She simply out-worked the incumbent Patti Alderson who sat back and expected her reputation to carry her through the election.  That is how you beat these incumbents dear reader.  You simply outwork them.  That is how Trump is doing it, and that is how Ann won.  If everyone who is a freedom lover did the same—the establishment would cease to be.  You don’t have to play party politics and fall in line with the leadership.  You simply outwork everyone else and stick by your guns no matter what.  That is the best path to success in any endeavor—and it needs to become the standard mode of operation in politics.

Rich Hoffman


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