The Addict John Kasich: Begging for money like a derelict one last time

If you ever wanted a way to explain to your kids why they should never do drugs, just point them in the direction of the Kasich presidential campaign.  It always comes up if you dig deep enough; illegal drugs are a terrible aspect of modern culture—especially in Ohio.  If there is one reason to despise illegal immigration, it is because of the horrendous effect that narcotics passing into our country hidden within that act entails—drugs turn good people into bad every time—without fail.  Now based on his behavior it would appear that John Kasich has become a serious drug addict.  What he is saying and doing makes no sense—he is delusional.  The day after the Super Tuesday presidential results where Donald Trump won five American territories and lost only one to John Kasich—Kasich complete with a confetti style victory party had his team put together this video.

Uuuuuuh, we are halfway through the election of more than fifty American territories who produce electoral votes and Governor Kasich of Ohio has only won one state with a measly 66 delegates—and that was Ohio on March 15th.  For him and really everyone else the election is already over except by defying the will of the American voter who has supported the Republican Party.  There is no other way for this election to end for Kasich other than a concession speech.  Yet, Kasich and his people sent me this email looking for money just two days from a miserable showing on Super Tuesday where he barely even stacked up any votes in most of the states—except for Ohio.  Nobody in their right mind—who has any money to speak of—would dump money into Kasich—these are supposed to be smart people.  But this email clearly shows the rationality of a crack addict looking for just one more hit before plunging themselves into bankruptcy.

Rich, want to defeat Hillary Clinton and win the White House? Only John Kasich can do it.

Gov. John Kasich is the ONLY Republican polls show can defeat her in three critical swing states: Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

Following our big Ohio win, we’re now focused on collecting delegates in Utah (will caucus on Tuesday) and the other major upcoming states like Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania and many others.

We will go into the convention with more momentum than any other candidate

Governor Kasich will be our nominee because he is the only candidate who can do the job of President and the only Republican who can WIN.

It’s critical that we continue to build on our momentum!

Chip in $25 or more right now to ensure we win the nomination.

Rich – not only will we continue to gain momentum before the convention but we’ll unify our party and defeat Hillary Clinton this fall.

We have an 8-point lead over Hillary nationally and would defeat her in Ohio by 21 points!

Our positive message is working and it’s gaining more attention every day.

Trump and Cruz are terrified to face Gov. John Kasich in the GOP convention. Here’s why:
Politico released a survey where 45% of respondents said that John Kasich is the best Republican candidate to go on and defeat Hillary Clinton this fall. Kasich finishes 12-points ahead of Cruz and a whopping 23-points ahead of Trump!
While the other candidates have run campaigns that divide us, Gov. Kasich is the lone candidate who’s run a positive campaign focused on working together to solve our greatest challenges with real, achievable solutions. 
Utah will caucus on Tuesday and Wisconsin voters will head to the polls on April 5th. We need your ongoing support to ensure that we can keep growing on our momentum from the big win in Ohio.
We WILL stop Trump from getting the nomination and we WILL win at the convention – and then we’ll go on to defeat Hillary this fall and begin the hard work of fixing America, together.

>>Chip in $25<<

>>Chip in $50<<

>>Chip in $100<<

Onward to victory,

John Weaver

Chief Strategist

That guy should be fired if he is the chief strategist for Kasich—and Kasich needs to enter re-hab immediately for signing off on it.  To even talk about going to a convention with the most momentum at this point is insanely stupid.  I know area Republicans are having a hard time with the Donald Trump eventual nomination because it will completely change the way they do business inside the Beltway–Lobby money for politicians is like heroin or cocaine is to a drug addict—for the sake of the American Republic—the practice has to end.  Politicians have not done the job correctly for two centuries, and American voters are pulling the plug on them—especially people like John Kasich.  How any Republican within the party leadership could look at the loser and conclude that he should be taking a victory lap after winning Ohio is just delusional—and it’s no wonder that so many people support Donald Trump.

We all speculate on how bad the “political class” really is, and have great fun making light of their efforts. But up until recently we didn’t have any alternative.  Trump gives us an alternative.  Cruz is too rigid for the job, and he is clinging on for dear life, legitimately.  He doesn’t do well in most of the states that are coming up–especially California and New York and now Lindsey Graham is actually joining sides with the hated senator for the sheer preservation of their Beltway addictions.  But Kasich hasn’t really been on the radar but in a few very progressive states who only vote for him because he’s like voting for a Democrat.  Everywhere else, he has bombed badly.

That can only lead us to believe that he has lost his sanity.  And he, along with many establishment Republicans have surrendered their logic to the gullibility of addiction.  They share with the most despicable of our national citizens a love for illusion conjured up by drug use.  Addiction to lobbyist entitlements to the brain of the consumer is no different essentially than a line of cocaine—because the result is the same—avoidance of reality, artificial stimulation of the present circumstances, and undeniable escape from the conditions of one’s environment. John Kasich and his team have shown that they are no different than the scum bag drug addict who would sell their children into the hands of villains just to feel the rush of their drug of choice one last time.  My answer to them is no different than if a homeless person missing all their teeth and wearing tattered clothing draped from their arms asked me for a few dollars in downtown Cincinnati.  You know by giving them money that they are only going to turn around and buy a bottle of alcohol or a hit of crack—that’s usually why they are in the situation that they are—because they made bad decisions based on a reality they couldn’t come to terms with.  And that is certainly the situation with John Kasich.  He has lost his mind in addition to losing the election during the presidential primary.  Now it forces us to do the hard thing—and that is to starve him out for his own good.  He has embarrassed us enough in Ohio.  Now it’s time to turn off the money—I certainly won’t be giving him any.

Rich Hoffman


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