A Guide To Dealing with Trump Protesters: Taking lessons from the great film classic, ‘Dirty Harry’

Now that he’s obviously the most serious Republican contender for the White House, the protests against Donald Trump have escalated dramatically.  It is the last-ditch effort of all statist minded people to use collective protests to demonize individual effort.  We see it in labor union disputes over collective bargaining agreements, we see it in boycotts of businesses by liberal groups—look what they’ve done to poor Sea World, and we see it in politics—when change agents want to have an impact on culture—they use the mob to protest effort to essentially stop progress.  It has been the playbook of the political left for many years and was most effective in the Soviet Union during the early 1900s as Marxists used protests to usher in communism.  Ever since, especially in the 1960s, Marxists have turned to protest to stop management of any given issue for the purpose of pulling the Overton Window continually to the political left.  No Republican except for Ronald Reagan has effectively stepped beyond the reach of protests leaving conservatives in the United States defenseless against the Marxist strategy so explicitly outlined in the Karl Marx book, The Communist Manifesto.  Now the frustration among those left-leaning insurgents is in a near panic mode as they have run up against a Republican candidate in Donald Trump who seems to love the conflict and his supporters who know that this is the best shot they are likely to get in their lifetimes to stand their ground against the Marxist sympathizers are fighting back.

It is unlikely that CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC along with all the network outlets think of themselves as Marxists.  Their college training and public educations disguised the political philosophy behind Democratic politics and otherwise liberal thinking—so unless they understand history—they wouldn’t know. Most news reporters and news anchors lean-to the left—even Bill O’Reilly—compared to mainstream America—so they have a natural sympathy for the efforts of the protestors against someone controversial figures like Donald Trump.  But Trump, being a master communicator knows exactly what to say and how to say it—especially on camera.  If he needs to use three syllable words, he does it.  If he needs to use four letter words to make his point—he does that too—and so far he has been able to withstand everything that the political left has thrown at him.  He is the new brand of ironside that is unsinkable as Republican candidate and his supporters are eager to rush to his aid to help him through the gauntlet.

Before the Trump rally in West Chester, Ohio recently a friend of mine and I were in the front row just at the corner of a townhall style event.  Trump was literally 11 feet from our seats and between us were two layers of Secret Service.  I was seated on the aisle and my friend was just across it from my position.  We joked that if protestors were going to try to rush the stage, they would have to get through us—because we were best in position to stop it.  Sure enough, two protestors about 15 minutes into the Trump event came down the aisle and were coming right by me.  I looked them in the eye—there were two of them, a woman carrying a Bernie Sanders socialist sign and a guy behind her trying to chant down Trump before the crowd had a chance to react.  They were approaching the stage.   Looking at them both soaking wet they might have weighted about 200 pound together, so it wouldn’t have taken anything to throw them like a Frisbee out of the place.   I looked in eyes of a guy just behind my friend who was about 6’ 7” and was covered with tattoos who wanted to eat some red meat—he was ready to decimate somebody to protect his presidential candidate—his emotional investment.  Trump was in no danger.  I knew a Secret Service agent had moved just a bit to my right so he wasn’t standing in front of me—out of courtesy to me–so I knew he would easily have control of the situation.  The protestors came right up and stopped next to me and quickly law enforcement grabbed them and removed the two quickly. I could have easily grabbed the two, and made the news by justifiably protecting Trump—but there was plenty of security and there was no need for the audience to get into the mix.  The protestors were clearly in the wrong and the law was clearly on our side.  If I had grabbed them as a civilian, things would have gotten a little murkier, so my friend and I stayed out of it—for the most part.

The trick of the protesters—which is to them a self-sacrificial enterprise—they wanted to get arrested—they wanted to get beat up—they wanted to become victims so that they could advance their cause.  They intend to use guilt to leverage against their opposition.  Lucky for conservatives in this case—Donald Trump does not feel guilt—so he continues on in spite of their efforts.  The protesters are essentially doing exactly what the Scorpio character was doing in the great cop drama by Clint Eastwood way back in the early 70s, called Dirty Harry.  Scorpio was the villain of the movie and Dirty Harry had gained leverage on him by following him all over to harass him—keeping him from committing more crimes—which liberalized laws had prevented him from being charged with.  Scorpio paid a person to beat him up so that the blame would fall on Dirty Harry—which is exactly what happened.  This freed up Scorpio to commit more crime until finally Harry essentially quite the police so he could shoot and kill Scorpio after the left leaning terrorist hijacked a school bus full of children.  Protestors especially at Trump rallies are after the same kind of thing.  They can’t beat the message—so they want to get beat up so they can extract sympathy and get the light off their Marxist antics.

It’s not that so-called-blacks, Hispanics, or any other progressive voting blocs are bad people because of the color of their skin or that “white America” has an aversion to their place in American culture—it’s that their foundation beliefs about how a society should be run has been shaped by Marxism.  The left uses these voting blocs as weapons of insurrection to become change agents from capitalism to socialism.  That is clearly understood by a majority of the American people—especially in the flyover states.   Until Trump there wasn’t any mainstream defender against that act.  We remember how John McCain in 2008 defended Barack Obama from conservative pundits who used with emphasis of the middle name Hussein to point to a possible Islamic connection.  McCain lost that election–embarrassingly.  We saw Mitt Romney come out swinging in one debate and obviously had Obama on the ropes—then in the next backed off over guilt over his wealth, his hiring of women, and the perceived notion that in the last debate—he attacked a black man as president over allegations of racism.  Mitt Romney lost.  Now Trump backs down from nothing and people feel invested to defend him when he’s attacked—and that is understandable if the context of what has been against American culture is clearly understood.

However, the best way to beat the protesters is to let the Secret Service do their jobs.  Use your brain.  If protesters are just carrying signs and making a ruckus—let the police come and take them away.  If they bring weapons and intend to do harm, that is something else.  Quick action is necessary to delay trouble before the police can get there.  But if they are just blocking roads, and making an ass of themselves, let the police and the cameras do the work.  Don’t give them the sympathy they seek to invoke change.  The worst thing that can happen to these Marxist sympathizers in both the media, in politics and in the protesters themselves is that a Trump rally happens at all—the fact that an unapologetic person like Trump is speaking on behalf of the flyover states is something that hasn’t happened since flight was invented.

 It’s a big deal to have Donald Trump as a candidate doing what he’s doing—and I love that it makes so many on the left infuriated.  Now they know how I’ve felt for forty years of watching elections—welcome to the club!  The best way to beat them is to consume them utterly with ineffectiveness.  The rallies need to go on.  Just don’t fall for the Scorpio trick.  If you need to review that old cop drama just watch the clips above.  It’s an old movie, but some things never change and those old Clint Eastwood films were very good at painting a picture of the kind of politics that shaped the 60s, 70s, and 80s which documented properly the Marxist movement in America by insurgents who wanted to change it.

If you are at a Trump rally, let the professionals handle it—unless you can determine that the bad guys really intend harm.  In my case it was easy.  Those two protesters in West Chester weren’t a risk.  But you can bet I weighed all that out in the 1.5 seconds I had to make the call as they moved toward the stage where Trump was speaking.  If they are just yelling and holding up signs, they are harmless and Trump has a right to throw them out of his private event.  So let that process happen.  But if they intend harm, like that guy in Dayton clearly did, then a further step of prevention may be necessary.  These are bad people—treat them as such and tread carefully.  Understand what their objective is, and keep them from having it.  Don’t fall for their tricks because they will get worse.  We have to have this fight now.  Failure to have this fight might mean a much worse fight later.  Save lives—let’s get this over with.  The right people need to win for a change.

Rich Hoffman


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