Why America Loves Melania Trump: When you see a beautiful woman–thank her for the tremendous contributions to a free society


In the political left’s insistent pursuit of “equality” there has been one group of people consistently cast out in the debate which needs to stop.  Personally I notice this discrimination all the time and I think it’s disgusting.  The same people who perpetuate this disgusting form of discrimination are the same people who tell us that everyone is equal and that we should make no judgments—that all sexes and their preferences should be given audience to the table of respect. It’s so bad now that we are actually having a debate in some places as to whether a person identifies themselves as a man or a woman in regard to which bathroom they use.  It doesn’t matter if those people are men, or women—all that does is whether or not they “feel” like a man or a woman.  As President Obama went on his South American tour of socialist countries trying to pave the way for an “American Union” which will demand that all countries within it function from the same economic engine—for instance Canada is being run by a socialist recently elected, Cuba is communist, Mexico is socialist, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and most of the smaller countries around them are all various degrees of socialist—the United States has had the burden of financially carrying all these countries from falling over the edge of civilized advancement.  It could be argued that socialist based countries if they did not have the United States helping them would plummet into an archaic based society regressing back to a nomadic culture.  We see it in the present day Middle East, all across Africa, and of course Asia.  Therefore, it could be legitimately argued that this most disrespected group of people within the United States could be responsible greatly for the reaches of capitalism around the world and are therefore tasked with saving many lives just by their very existence.   I am talking about beautiful women of course—it’s time we stop discriminating against them and to treat them with the respect they deserve.



I have been thinking about this topic a lot on the back of the obvious degradation toward Melania Trump now that her husband is the obvious front-runner who will battle Hilary Clinton for the White House.  The formula is quite simple really, men like Trump—“A type” personalities who work hard and like to hear the praise of their victories, love beautiful women.  I mean, who doesn’t.  Love aside—because without it a marriage is pretty miserable—but nobody wants to share a bed with someone who looks and feels like a potato.  Women don’t like sleeping with a man who is grossly over-weight and men really don’t enjoy it.  When you are successful and have accomplished more than those around you, it is a good feeling to get out of a car at a big event and have a beautiful woman draped on your arm.  It lets people know that you’ve done something to earn her.  Beautiful women in American culture are the goddesses of capitalism—they encourage the nerdy pimple-faced twenty something who can’t get a date on a college campus to invent something—so that they can share their bed with a beautiful woman.  The sum of such a transaction usually means economic expansion.  When men learn that the way to get “hot chicks” is to become rich—they work very hard to do so.  It is great for capitalism.  It could be said that beautiful women drive the American economic engine that saves the world from itself.  Men work hard to have beautiful women, and women work hard to look like beautiful women—the net result is that America makes money that carries everyone else through taxation.

In socialist countries or repressed cultures such as the one that Melania came from—upward mobility in society isn’t possible with just good looks.  You have to know somebody to become successful because of the nature of their “managed” economies—or you have to sleep with someone and hope that you can become something more than a mistress.  Unfortunately once a woman hits 30 years of age, they are usually thrown to the curb in those types of countries.  Most beautiful women in socialist and communist countries are sacrificed at a very young age and never make it to midlife because they are forced to capitalize on their beauty when they are young just to survive—which is very much the case in Vietnam, India, and China—attractive girls work in the sex trade—get abused and end up in terrible situations by the time they are old enough to be mothers themselves.  It’s really a terrible and vicious cycle.

Melania Trump is someone who I greatly respect.  She left Slovenia on a hope and a prayer to become a fashion model and could have easily have been like any other beautiful woman around the world and fallen into bad hands.  Lucky for her she met Donald Trump who greatly appreciated beauty and capitalism and the two started dated which gave her a bit of a refuge from the predatory fray of using her looks to make a living.  Trump was dating her at the time that he loaned one of his private jets to GQ to have Melania take nude pictures aboard it chained to a briefcase.  Trump honestly wanted to see the pictures as did most men.  When Melania got out of a car with him at social events it let everyone know that he had made it in life—especially when all the men who compete against him have seen his wife nude in GQ.  At the time he didn’t know if he wanted to marry her or not, they were just dating.

  After spending time together they eventually decided to tie the knot and marry because she had become more than a sex kitten for him—she became a partner—and that has been great for everyone.  There are few places in the world where Melania could have risen to the top of the world in such a short period of time but in the United States.  Now as a beautiful woman she is poised to be one of our best spokespeople for capitalism from the White House as a first lady.  Sure she used her looks to land a billionaire to her bed.  Some women trap men into marriage by getting pregnant, or some other form of bondage.  There is nothing wrong with a beautiful woman advancing under a capitalist system and becoming fabulously wealthy and successful using the natural gifts they were born with.

I know quite a lot of people with a great deal of money, and most of them have what is considered a trophy wife.  Most of these guys over the years have been developers to some degree and have to attend a lot of charity social events—just like Donald Trump does.  They spend a lot of their life trying to make buildings appealing to consumers and are often very concerned about appearances—so naturally as they try to build up their brand it helps them to have a beautiful woman on their arm.  Women judge the successful competence of men based on the type of mates they attract, and of course men figure out where they stand in the peaking order of the human race based on similar factors.  When a man sees another man married to a beautiful woman he usually thinks—that guy is more endowed than me–that guy is more successful than me–or that guy is tougher than me.  When you are a powerful person you need to gain that leverage over a rival so that when you have to negotiate with them they are already thinking they are inferior to you—so for the powerful developer—or otherwise successful person enriched under capitalism—having a beautiful woman who you are married to that is twice your age younger says a lot about where you are in life—and it gives you a better seat at the negotiating table.

Looks are just one element to a good marriage, and honestly as you get older and sex becomes much less important, you want a good friend to share a bed with of the opposite sex.  But a lot could be said about the value of beautiful women and their upward mobility within capitalist cultures which drive the economic engine of our entire civilization—and I don’t think we give them enough credit.  Melania is a classy young woman and I think she deserves a lot more respect than she has been getting.  The socialists among us know innately what it would mean to have Melania in the White House, so they are in a panic driven fury to demean her in every way fashionable.  But what has been exposed in the process is the gross hypocrisy of the political left and their discrimination against beautiful women in capitalist societies.  Their attraction to socialism after all is that they don’t want to compete with Melania and other beautiful women for attention. They want an “equal” society where beautiful people are just as abused as not such beautiful people—and that equates to substantial degradation in human achievement—but at least they don’t have to feel bad about themselves.  I think it’s time that we end such thinking and recognize beautiful women for the hidden gifts they bring to all of us.  When you see one, make sure to let them know how much they are appreciated.  They are people too, and we should treat them with the respect they deserve.

Rich Hoffman


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