Transsexual Wal-Mart Cashier at Bridgewater Falls: The audacity of progressive activists attacking family integrity

I’m not a big fan because often degenerates, welfare recipients, and the type of people who are most at home on the Jerry Springer Show populate the premises—but Wal-Mart in Fairfield, Ohio off Princeton Rd by Bridgewater Falls is finding itself the victim of progressive attack.  In spite of my feelings about the place and the people it attracts, I think what Wal-Mart does is wonderful as a retail outlet.  There are many more good things than bad; I’m just not a fan of the place because of the people who are often there.  Take them all away, and I enjoy going there.  Put me at Wal-Mart on a crowded Saturday to pick up mulch, and I’m not a happy person.  But my wife is, she has shopped there for the entire time it has been in that location and it helped raise our family with food options that made it much easier for her to be a stay-at-home mom.  One thing about my wife, she is intensely loyal, so she loves that particular Wal-Mart because it has been good for helping her raise her family with low-cost options over the many years.  She likes the people who work there and finds their company refreshing—mostly because many of them are older people—whom she typically gets along well with.  Since she is a housewife, she is able to go to Wal-Mart during the day when most people are working—and typically has a good experience.

But on March 29th, 2016 the foundations of her reality were shaken to her very core.  She had been there to spend quite a lot of money, she bought most of our food for the week, some other items and had picked up a $300 pair of glasses from the optometrist.  It was a hefty bill to pay and she was enjoying spending the money at a store she believed in—to her Wal-Mart represents raw American value—red, white, and blue patriotism—getting the most products for the lowest cost—lack of unionized labor and goods and services all under one roof.  You can get your eyes checked, a pharmaceutical order fulfilled and have your tires changed all while you shop for groceries, lawn supplies, and pick-up wonderful toys for the grandchildren.  But to her shock for the first time in nearly 15 years, she stepped up to the check-out and only one lane was open—because it was the middle of a weekday and there wasn’t a need for multiple lanes to be open—and what she found was a transsexual kid dressed in blue lipstick, short black hair, a push-up bra, and a black skirt working the cash register.  She had no choice but to go through his lane and she was very pissed off about it.

For context, we choose to live in an area of the country where we don’t have to deal with derelicts like this.   As a couple, we don’t go to areas of the city where gay bars are prominent; we don’t hang out on college campuses, and we don’t go to music concerts where these kinds of people are increasingly commonplace.  Even though I like Key West, we don’t hang out on Duval Street late at night where transsexuals, homosexuals, and transvestites are populating every street corner on the south end.  We don’t go to Fantasy Fest there—where middle-aged repressed sociopaths with above average incomes can frolic in the decadence of a Romanian orgy.  We don’t watch television shows that embrace those types of progressive attributes outside of male and female monogamous relationships.  We don’t want that kind of crap in our life, and we make choices to avoid it.  So it was quite a shock to my wife to have to deal one on one with such a progressive disaster—a full-fledged transsexual that was so flamboyant about his imposition in our community, that he was audaciously challenging anybody to “judge” him incorrectly—because he was protected by law to be an imbecile.  It wasn’t alright with her.

She endured the experience while transacting with the boy but shortly before leaving she just felt disgusted.  So she proceeded to the customer service area to take back all her items and get her money back because she didn’t want to give money to a company that supported such behavior.  She was appalled utterly.  Of course the manager spoke to her and he basically stated that legally they were paralyzed from discriminating against the kid and that if they did, they feared a lawsuit—which I understand is exactly the case.  The law handed down by Supreme courts both state and federal have given us these impositions and my wife was furious about it because now it was in her own back yard.  The kid knew he was protected by law to harass the sensibilities of normal, average, good-hearted American morality, and she was fuming with anger over it.  She gathered up the contact information to speak to corporate headquarters to complain then she headed to the optometrist to take back her very nice new glasses.

Luckily, the lady working the counter was a levelheaded older person who calmed her down.  I won’t go  into the details of what the lady told my wife—because I don’t want to get her into legal trouble—but the short story is this—the other employees working that day agreed with my wife—only they weren’t allowed to say anything about the kid.  They were forced to put up with the little scum bag.  By law, they have had their First Amendment rights taken away from them—the transsexual was allowed to harass everyone else, but nobody was allowed to harass him—by law.  And Wal-Mart’s hands were tied behind their back while progressive attacks of middle-America punched them square in the face.

In the future, my wife simply won’t buy anything if she has to deal with people like that kid.  He shouldn’t be anywhere that customers have to interact with him.  This whole episode reminded me of a trip my family took to the Mellow Mushroom in West Chester.  I like the pizza there, but often find the environment too progressive for my tastes.  Now since Pies and Pints has opened at Liberty Center we choose to go there for fresh pizza instead of the Mellow Mushroom just because that Liberty Center environment is much more conservative.  To be honest, when I am spending $70 to $100 dollars on food I expect an attractive waitress—and by attractive, I’d like her to be a young college girl with good hygiene, speaks in complete sentences, isn’t covered in tattoos and body piercings and is well within the appropriate weight for her height.  If I end up with a guy, he needs to look well-groomed, have short hair without dandruff, and speak respectively.  Usually it’s not a problem, and it’s certainly not sexual—it’s just that beat up old wrecks are not pleasant to be around.  Younger people are like new cars off the assembly line, and when you are going out to eat, you want to see new cars, not vehicles ready for the junk yard.  If we wanted to see that, we’d just stay home.   Chili’s is particularly good about having a nice mix of such people—their recruiting is obviously successful.  They can’t discriminate, but they manage to create a competitive environment to weed out the undesirables. But at the Mellow Mushroom of course they get progressive kids applying because the environment attracts those types of people—and that is the biggest turn-off for me.  On one occasion, we had an openly gay waiter and he drove me nuts.  He was so flamboyant that I almost left—he was really pushing the whole gay thing commenting on my daughter’s clothing along with sucking up to my wife.  Of course, by reading this, you can get a sense of her state of mind.  She hasn’t wanted to go back there since.  I have under professional circumstances, but she hasn’t.  We tend to vote with our feet, so these progressive trends have an impact on a company’s bottom-line.  I considered the $150 dollars we spent there that day to be completely wasted money.  We would have had much more fun popping in a frozen pizza into the oven at home—because at least then we wouldn’t have some gay guy hitting on us and doing who-knows-what to our food between the kitchen and our table.

That is precisely why progressive activists have pushed to have protected legislation allowing kids like that Wal-Mart transsexual to come into our neighborhoods and assault our sensibilities, but they expect not to receive any fire back in return.  They—being the progressive activists deliberately dressing up in blue lipstick and a skirt with a push-up bra to work as cashier at Wal-Mart—intend harm to the lifestyle my wife and I have chosen for ourselves.  They will of course say that we are being “judgmental” and are advocating “hate speech” because the law has empowered them with such beliefs.  What the legal system and the politics that has shaped it neglect is that being “judgmental” is one of the greatest attributes of living as a human being.  Progressive activists and the legal system are demanding that we stop thinking and just accept these incursions against tradition, and in my family, that is not acceptable.  Not at all.  If scum bags like this transsexual kid want to flaunt themselves in front of our faces, there will be consequences.  They don’t have a right to impose themselves on our sensibilities.  If they want to do what they do, they have a right—but through competition, we must have options to avoid them.  I suggested to my wife that she not shop at Wal-Mart, that she stay in places where the prices are higher and along with them, the expectations of the clientele.  But honestly, the Kroger Marketplace in Liberty Township has more than its share of these degenerates shopping there—the situation is endemic to the progressive incursion cast upon us by a political class that wishes to destroy the American family.  She loves that particular Wal-Mart, so she wasn’t open to that idea.  In the future if she doesn’t have options to avoid people like that transsexual employee, she just won’t shop that day.  And that’s the way it’s going to be.  When we go out to dinner, we don’t want a bunch of silly boys prancing around like girls expecting a 17% tip with their hands all over our food—and we don’t want to exchange money with people who look like their hands are disgusting—because if they dress that way—god only knows where their hands have been.  We don’t claim to be modern or hip, we don’t like these changes to the family structure of American society and short of invoking an Amish privilege toward tradition—we certainly won’t be endorsing such lifestyles under any circumstances—especially, with our hard-won money.  It is a shame that companies like Wal-Mart are so terrified of the legal implications of such justified discrimination based on sound judgment.  Because if there were any justice in this world—those types of things wouldn’t happen in our town.  I can see them happening in places writhe with filth, like Las Vegas, Key West, and the various swingers clubs around the world—but not in a family rich environment like Butler County.  The legislators who allowed such things to happen should be ashamed of themselves for not having more courage to stand against progressive activists.  Because that leaves the dirty work to people like me—which is not what we hired you politicians to do in the first place—cave to the worst among us, so that the good would have to just endure the folly.

Rich Hoffman


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7 thoughts on “Transsexual Wal-Mart Cashier at Bridgewater Falls: The audacity of progressive activists attacking family integrity

  1. Two comments often used by my granddaughters were “opinionated” and “judgemental.” This was their learned aggressive comments to anything grandma had to say. The learn “conflict resolution” techniques in high school in order to manipulate others toward their opinions. It doesn’t work with someone like me that fought her way through the brambles of the educational establishment. In my “opinion” everyone except a conservative Christian is allowed to express their ideas in the ignorant world of the PC establishment. Dumbing down has been successful.


    1. One thing these kids have learned in school is that nobody should “judge” them. That is why they are so ill prepared for professional life–which is full of judging and will always continue to be. Public schools have failed our society.


    1. Well, I plan to speak out against it for the next 50 years or so. I may be the only one, but that still won’t make all of them right. The young people are a disaster, worse than we were concerned about even five years ago.


  2. I agree with most of what you wrote except for calling Walmart patriotic. They’re anything but patriotic. They pay their employees so little they still qualify for food stamps which they also benifit from. They cleared over $50 billion in profits and can afford to pay their workers a wage we tax payers don’t have to subsidies. They also work them less than 30 hours to avoid having to give them health insurance. Since they qualify for food stamps they also qualify for free or very small premium insurance paid by us. You can’t blame those that work their for not finding a better job or not go back to school because for one, a lot of them are over 50 which employers silently discriminate against. They don’t want to go through the expense of hiring someone that’s likely going to leave as soon as 65 and/or has or will develop health issues keeping them from going to work. They’re totally exploiting their workers at taxpayers expense.

    I stopped doing a lot of shopping there when they stopped selling only made in America stuff. Now, even their food comes from other countries. Who knows where they get the beef they sell us from ever since the crony capitalist Republican puppets folded to the demands of the WTO because they saw our origin label law unfair to other countries. US beef dominated before that because people knew what they were eating came from a country that actually gives a rip of how cattle are treated, what they’re fed, and how they’re processed. Now if you buy beef products, we have no clue. Since Walmart is all about maximizing profits, rest assure the beef you buy will be from the cheapest seller, whoever that may be. Because of this, I now grow some of my own fruits and vegetables, buy others at farmers markets, buy my eggs, milk and meat from local farmers. I now know where my food comes from. Plus it taste so much better. It also keeps my money local and in the state, instead of some other country.

    I can careless about my cashier being a freak. I’m not family and I only have to deal with them for a short while. It’s up to God to judge others. Not me. I care about the stuff that directly interferes in my life.


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