Chicago Teacher Union Protest–AGAIN: How George Lucas has failed by adopting socialism as an ideal society mechanism

It was just a few years ago that the Chicago Teacher’s Union had a strike that lasted for quite a while and now those radical, socialist, ungrateful, overly paid baby sitters are at it again walking off the job completely for one day to protest state funding—which does not exist—and giving 400,000 students no place to go but libraries, churches and other “contingency sites,” while their parents slaved away at a job to pay for college which is often the intellectual final nail in their youthful coffins.  Sadly, as much as teachers—especially those protesting in the streets of Chicago stopping traffic and being an extreme nuisance and burden on society—the kids were let down by every adult in their lives.  Their teachers were socialist activists, their parents too busy to stay home and care for them, and the media missed the entire point of the whole matter.  People wonder why kids grow up so stupid, why they become activists themselves for Bernie Sanders socialism—well, they learned it in their public schools—socialist brothels of intellectual destruction and left-winged propaganda.  The March 2016 one day strike by the teacher’s union in Chicago was one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen this year—and it should be a lesson to all what we’ve allowed to happen.

I say it quite a lot and have for quite a number of years—children would be far better off if parents just left them alone at home playing Playstation or Xbox all day instead of going to the socialist oriented public schools that our nation has given us.  It’s a hard reality most people can’t get their minds around—because it’s such an inconvenient truth—but we should have always known what was coming, as the whole operation was ran by a giant public sector labor union.  The only real goal of the teacher’s union has been to make students into left-winged radicals.  Luckily, not everyone grows up to become a socialist, and not all teachers individually are bad people.  There are many in that Chicago protest crowd who likely have no idea what socialism is, or understand what their role in this whole debacle has been—but history defines it for us and shows the direction we are all headed.

As this protest raged there were some startling statistics about the demographic nature of a future America by 2050 which came out.  Leftists are absolutely addicted to diversity implementation—mixing different cultures together to change the nature of constitutional law within the United States which is how labor unions and other progressive groups always intended to overthrow America without firing a single shot in a second, un-named revolution.  So their emphasis has been on skin color, sex, sexual preference and lots of other superficial aspects not even encompassing the essence of what makes a human being human.  They see public schools as melting pots of diversity raising children to have no barriers to sexual attitudes, acceptance of those who “look” different than they are, and completely ignoring actual behavioral characteristics because they have misidentified the key ingredients of a successful society.

Even though I have said many good things about the filmmaker George Lucas he obviously has lost his way over the years—probably because he attended too many democratic fundraisers and the politics of San Francisco liberalized him over time—but the “bearded one” has called Chicago his adopted second home.  He loves the progressive nature of the city which he considers doing important work toward achieving a more “fair” society.  This is one of the main reasons I no longer like Star Wars.  When Lucas made the first films—back in the 80s, they were quite good and had characters that would have been most at home in an Ayn Rand novel.  This is partly because Lucas believed much about the world at the time that I do now—best exemplified by his truly great film, THX-1138.  But after a divorce that he never really got over, hanging around democratic socialists within the Hollywood community that finally embraced him after many years of trying, then biologically changing in his later years becoming increasingly liberal as his testosterone levels dropped off—he is unrecognizable now and his films reflect his mental status.  Now Star Wars is about “diversity” more than it is about throwing off a tyrannical regime hell-bent on destroying individualism.  As great as Lucas was as a businessman and filmmaker, he now fails to identify attributes that have contributed to the complete failure of Chicago to operate as a responsible city.  As a city it is unofficially bankrupt, living off tremendous debt.  When the current mayor finally leaves—who has been extremely progressive all along—the next person will have a huge mess to clean up and that will likely lead to a similar fate as has been witnessed in Detroit.  The lines between a capitalist society and a socialist one have been blurred to the point that nobody any longer understands—even our most “educated” and most artistic—like Lucas.

What’s the point of teaching children anything if what they are learning in public school is socialism?  The argument is from the left that compassion for others is the most important thing in a human society.  They believe as many of those Chicago protesting teachers do, that social equality is more important than individual gains—which is why the teachers are protesting the state to bestow upon them more tax money extracted from private property and thrown in their direction.  They have become happy little socialists in the same way that Bernie Sanders has gained in popularity.  Kids supporting the socialist presidential candidate will tell you that their reasons are to gain access or debt relief from their college tuitions—which they have been told will be free.  Yet the teachers and professors within those professions often push up and over the six figure salary territory after obtaining tenure.  The left-leaning advocates for public schools, including college, have signed up their lives to the cause of socialism because the pay was so extraordinarily good.  Average people like these teachers couldn’t hope to make so much money anywhere else than they do in the teaching profession.  Yet the debate against my position has always been that teachers are valuable people giving wisdom to the next generation and that without them society crumbles.  Well, I’d say with them society is guaranteed to fail—without teachers—strictly on their own—kids have a better chance of succeeding in life.  That is how destructive socialism is to individual minds.

The belief in public schools is that individual achievement is vile and that group associations are vastly more important because equality between all parties is utilized—and taught.  The position of the “left” is that individual conquest is only for the physically, and intellectually strong and that it is a “caveman” mentality which society should overcome.  What they forget is that advancements in society are not induced by “fairness” but by hunger.  For instance, with as much money as our American civilization has poured into public schools and colleges, kids have not statistically become more intelligent.  If you talk to anybody under 30 years old today—you’ll see quickly what I’m talking about.  Most young people have been deliberately intellectually handicapped by the public school system to make the best and brightest no better than the sluggish and stupid.  When you build your society around the weakest links, you obviously will get a weak society—which is why socialism is so detrimental to any civilization.  Teachers have been unable to increase their effectiveness around the world no matter how much money has been spent on them essentially because their emphasis is on “equality and group assimilation” as opposed to individual achievement.  In a capitalist society, not everyone can be rich, smart, and powerful—but everyone has a chance to if they work at it.  The net result of that effort and success then benefits all of society.  There is no way to blend the two together.  George Lucas tried with his Jedi concept in the Star Wars films—but had to rely on mythical superpowers to blur the lines of what any human could possibly achieve.  Essentially Lucas like most on the political left turned toward Plato’s Republic as justification for their philosophic society—in the case of Star Wars, the Jedi are the council of wisdom that governs society without any individual desire.  If a Jedi does let personal desires drive their needs, then their superpower attributes become dangerous to society at large and the organized mass of collective consciousness will desire to have a rebellious overthrow of the renegade individual—that is essentially the message of the movies without the Han Solo element added to the plot.  I always liked Han Solo because he was an Ayn Rand conservative that functioned so well to keep saving everyone and advancing the Star Wars story. But without Han Solo, Star Wars is just another examination into Plato’s Republic—which is the opposite side of the coin of Aristotelian logic for which Ayn Rand associated and evolved her thoughts on the matter.

All this contemplation about how we arrived at National Socialism without realizing it is good for understanding how a bunch of overpaid and ungrateful teachers from Chicago ended up in the streets demanding even more money than they are already being paid to essentially destroy the lives of the students they were supposed to be teaching.  Politicians looked at that protest and shuddered at all the voters who had nowhere to take their children because nobody does the job of parenting anymore—leaving the task of raising children to the state.  So when the teachers wanted to protest to show the world how much power they had through “collective bargaining” they had a monopoly on the children and used them as extortion pieces.  That is the “compassionate” side of George Lucas’ ideal society, and the ultimate failure of the entire political left—especially those who have bankrupted the once great city of Chicago.  I’d encourage you dear reader to watch all the videos shown above for more information and proof.  It’s not an easy admission, but it’s one that we all need to grapple with.  Public schools are not good for our children.  They might someday become that way if the right market forces were applied, but in the state they are now, they are detrimental to our children.  Kids would be safer and their minds kept more intact if we left them alone at home with just a T.V. and a video game system.  They’d learn more about capitalism there than in school, and in American society—that is what they should have always been striving towards.  These problems will continue until our society recognizes the source of the problem—that it is socialism that drives these large teacher unions and they do not have our national sovereignty or our American economy in high regard.  By contrast they wish to continue to extract wealth from the haves, and redistribute them to the have-nots as if the mechanisms of productivity were a finite resource not driven by capitalist invention.

To prove it, each one of those teachers should have been fired from their jobs and replaced.  Children would not notice, and the parents would see no drop in scholastic performance, and that is the big secret that the teacher unions are terrified of.  It’s only a matter of time before we have to call their bluff—because the money isn’t there for them.  Chicago isn’t alone in their debts—most of America is going through the same crises.  Only when we finally do—and break the back of the teacher’s  union and get their left-leaning political influence out of our schools and the Department of Education can we hope to reverse the trends we are seeing today—a nation slipping into socialism at an alarming rate.  Personally, I’m not willing to fund our own destruction.  How about you?

Rich Hoffman


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