Ending the Republican Party: The “stuffed” elephant in the room

The answer to the elephant in the room is that it is dead—and has been so for some time.  It is time to acknowledge it and move on to something else.  The Republican Party, which was created to end slavery, for which Abraham Lincoln was its best spokesman—died a long time ago—and is no longer effective.  If you put Karl Rove, John Kasich, Mitt Romney and me in a room together all three of them added up would not even come close to me as far as conservatism—so they do not represent me as a political party.  They have lost their war with the left and become too much like the enemy—the political left in America.  They are useless to me in a representative republic.  I have voted for them over and over again for several decades, but they have always been ineffective and the reason was that we were voting for a taxidermy version of an elephant, instead of a real creature full of vigor.

That nagging prospect has been on my mind for quite a long time, but it was never clearer than on the night Ted Cruz won the Wisconsin primary.  Cruz has no shot of winning the nomination, yet the party, the media, and all the #NEVERTRUMP fans worshiping the dead and deceased Republican Party behaved as though a New Year had dawned on them and life had been returned to their caricature.  Only Donald Trump has a mathematical path of achieving the Republican nomination at the Convention in July.  Nobody else does—yet the party is willing to use anybody and anything to delay Trump so that they could hold onto their grip of party control and what they believe are conservative values. Yet studying the voting patterns of Wisconsin, it was only in the heavily populated areas—particularly those most affected by the major talk radio stations which espoused the #NEVERTRUMP mantra loudest that Cruz won.  All of the surrounding, rural counties went for Trump.  It was almost a carbon copy of the type of voting pattern seen when Democrats compete against Republicans.  Country people were having their voices drowned out by the more heavily populated urban areas—and they were not happy about it.  The Republican Party wanting any good news that it could get was willing to accept any information that stopped Trump from becoming head of the party—even to the point of self-destruction.  The short-sightedness was grossly obvious.

But the glee that emerged from their mouths was rather pathetic.  It signified a political party at the Alamo not acting heroically in one last stand, but of a bunch of soldiers out of bullets knowing that the end was coming then seeing that the encroaching army was short on ammunition themselves and was awaiting supplies—they were able to live for five more minutes and were happy about it—even boastful.  They were so happy that they denied Trump of roughly 40 little delegates that they missed the point of what the supporters of the GOP frontrunner were espousing.  They were just happy that they had a better chance of getting the nomination process to a convention so that they could insert somebody they were more comfortable with—as if the public would put up with it.  It was a pretty disgusting display.

My first thoughts and those which stayed with me after considerable contemplation were that the Republican Party just needed to be put to rest.  A new party needed to be created, one that better represented conservatives and rural voters much more accurately.  I think Trump should make a point and win his remaining primary victories, but that he should then just start his own party—likely a continuation of the Reform Party for which he, Pat Buchannan and Ross Perot were a part of in the past.  Even Rob Portman was a part of the Reform Party when he ran for the congressional seat he took over in 1993—I know that because he was going to the same meetings I was—I knew him back then.  It’s time for a fresh start and a completely new political philosophy not rooted in the failures of the past.  A return to the Party of Reagan is not enough for me. I want something better than what Abraham Lincoln was the head of.

Regardless of how many delegates Trump has, the #NEVERTRUMP people have shown that they will not behave themselves and unite behind him—which they should do.  So they need to be destroyed as a movement.  We need to have a head to head election with Hillary, Paul Ryan, and Donald Trump.  Trump as everyone knows by now has a solid 30% support base no matter what.  In a three-way race, that almost gets him an assured victory.  I don’t believe Hillary will be able to get 50% of a vote in any election—especially with the troubles she has, and there is no way Ryan beats Trump.  I think it’s obvious that given a choice in a three-way race it’s not Republicans that will be split.  Kasich as it stands now is similar to Hillary in politics, Cruz with Ryan, and then there is Trump who is about 7 to 8% ahead of everyone else routinely.  That is the number nobody is talking about, and it would give Trump a victory in a three-way race without question.  So why not?  If we don’t have this showdown now—voters will continue to be tricked into voting for the stuffed caricature of an elephant—and that’s just not fair to them.

The only advantage for Trump to win the nomination from the Republican Party is to tap into the funds to run a national campaign.  However, Bernie Sanders has shown what people are willing to do to fund a campaign, and Trump has more access to funds from his fans than any political candidate has in the history of politics.  I wouldn’t fault Trump for taking $10 million dollar donations from his friends—like Carl Icahn and others to win a general election.  I think he has a better chance of winning as a third-party candidate than as head of the Republican Party with all the inner back stabbing that will take place even if he wins the nomination outright.  So he should just leave and let them flail on the vine rudderless.   The Republican Party doesn’t deserve Trump and they certainly don’t deserve me and the many voters who are sick and tired of the establishment passivity toward Democrats.

To all the #NEVERTRUMPS, I don’t want to be in a political party with you people. I want nothing to do with your stupidity.  I’m happy to have it out in a general election in a three-way race and see what happens after the smoke clears.  What has to happen is a major philosophic shift in political philosophy—the standard mode of operation just won’t be acceptable.  I have always supported the Reform Party, I did when Ross Perot ran in 1992 and in 1996, and I supported Trump and Buchannan when they toyed with the idea in 1999.  The reason that the election between Bush and Gore was so close in 2000 was literally that people had to pick between one piece of shit and another.  Which one was better—nobody knew and the country was split right down the middle.  Bush was not a good president, and then the GOP thought to offer us John McCain, and Mitt Romney. 

They are just stupid—rooting for the GOP is like cheering on the Cincinnati Bengals to win a Super Bowl.  They just don’t have the ability to get to the big game—let alone win.  So let’s just drop them once and for all.  Even if Trump secures the nomination with a win in California—he should still go third-party so that the Republicans can be put in a museum with all the other stuffed animals.  They are guaranteed losers who will continue down that path until they are taken out of the game.  And the time to do that is now-before they do any more damage.  Basically, either the GOP brings in fresh blood, or we dump the party, change the name, and have something else to represent conservative values.  Not “progressive” conservative values like many of these #NEVERTRUMPs believe (Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, John McCain, ETC.)  But something all together different and more representative of the rural inhabitants of this country—I’m at the point in 2016 of its either Trump for president or nothing for me.  Hillary is not even a factor.  She can’t even beat an old communist lover.  She is not as formidable as the media wants you to believe.

Rich Hoffman


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4 thoughts on “Ending the Republican Party: The “stuffed” elephant in the room

  1. The same is true locally. The rot goes from the top to the bottom. There has to be a movement to get the “good old boys” club out of office. Their tax and spend agenda is destroying the middle class. The term limits theory has led to the “musical chairs” swapping of offices. For example Shannon Jones is trading her state senate seat for the unchallenged seat on the Warren County Commission. How sweet is that? She continues to be on the taxpayers back and one of her pals runs for her seat. We do need another option.


      1. I think they start off for the right reasons. But the pay is just too good for doing nothing but socializing. For people who like that kind of thing, its a dream job.


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