The rediculous ‘House of Cards’ Gay Agenda: Being a lion among sheep

Do you remember several weeks ago when I stated that my wife and I were done with watching the Netflix series, House of Cards because of the gratuitous sex—particularly the three-way at the end of season two which featured some gay sex by Frank Underwood and his secret service agent shared by his wife?  Well, we decided to give it a second chance because I was interested in the politics part of it and was relieved to find that season three seemed to put less emphasis on the sex.   After all, Frank Underwood had become the President of the United States and there wasn’t much time for power climbing and the sex that is often used to serve as rungs on that ladder.  However, there had been, and continued throughout all of season three a gay subplot to the new President—a soft side that craved the love of men.  This utterly made me sick because it was so misplaced as a human emotion that it left me feeling like the whole point of the House of Cards series wasn’t to convey politics, but to serve as a Trojan Horse of gay advocacy by presenting those types of plot points to a confused society hoping to advance the rainbow sentiments of guys who like to stick parts of themselves into a dirty ass.  By the end of season three, Frank Underwood was having a touching moment with his biographer and the two were holding hands like a couple of girls and my wife and I burst out laughing because of house stupid the scene was. The gay agenda was clear and House of Cards was attempting to normalize it—and it wasn’t working with us.

I’ve been saying it for a long time, when a motion picture company thinks that it will make one of its heroes gay, or Disney thinks that it will put out some musical featuring a gay couple that will make the kind of box office money that Frozen did—those executives should be fired for putting their companies at risk—because those movies will bomb in a theater.  Regarding House of Cards, it’s free—so it’s not much skin off my back to turn the show off.  It’s part of my subscription fee and I’m free to watch anything on Netflix—so I can literally vote in favor of the many other decisions.  But to drop good money on a movie or song that features gay sex as the driver—it’s just not going to happen no matter how much artists like Bruce Springsteen attempt to normalize it.  Gay sex isn’t normal—particularly with men.  I can see women having non sexual touchy relationships with other women, but desiring intercourse just doesn’t make biological sense and has to be evolved along the lines of some abnormality rooted in psychosis.  I can even understand when good friends have close relationships where sex isn’t even a factor of their relationship and they prefer each other’s company.  But the premise that closeness to another human being leads directly to sex is just a preposterous thing—and it’s simply not true.

Now we know emphatically why public schools and other social networks have been attempting to emasculate men for several decades now.  Now we know why men have been told that it’s OK to cry, and to share their emotions—because society established by an aristocratic political class of global micromanagers had fantasies of population control using gay rights as a means to manipulate the masses to stay focused on very primal instincts so that populations would be easier to control.  By changing the role of the sexes, progressives could then take the women out of the home and away from their children allowing the “state” to raise the following generations gradually.  It has always been the long plan of communism brewing for over a century in America to make everyone equal and in the House of Cards sexually, everyone is.  Frank Underwood was introduced as an open marriage womanizer which was fine with his wife so long as there was some tactical objective to the sex.  But then there was some affair that Frank had while attending the Citadel in South Carolina—where he had a gay lover—LOL.  This gay lover is in the background and the series kind of danced around the issue until it came back up again with full hand holding and finger caressing by the end of season three with Frank’s biographer.  There was no kissing in that scene but it was still radically foreign to me and was uncomfortable—it totally ruined the premise of the entire series.  My wife felt the same way.  It wasn’t “homophobia” that was driving that discomfort, it was fact that neither one of us has ever had any gay urges and the whole thing seemed comical to us.  I can honestly say that I’ve never seen some other male and thought, hmmmm, I’d like to “touch” that person to be closer to them.  It’s just not part of our human experience and it was strange.

Sex exists for one reason—biologically, and that is to procreate and continue the human race.  The point of all the emotions and the elements that the different sexes like in each other point toward that ultimate goal.  Sex is not necessarily a byproduct of a decent and healthy relationship.  You can have a close friend if you are mentally healthy and not want to have intercourse with them—which is something that House of Cards completely ignores—which is why the gay agenda is so ridiculous.  Gay sex is a primal behavior that requires a lack of sophistication to endure.  Intellectuals tend not to waste much time on sex because the very act itself—the whole mating game just takes too much time—and smart people tend not to waste time.  This whole notion of equality among the sexes is just a part of their communist agenda to put in people’s minds an eventuality of “state” control where sexual fulfillment is not rooted in procreation—because population control of such a “state-run” society is highly desired for resource management.  But it’s not natural, gay sex requires some mental deficiency to be successful.  That mental deficiency might be deep insecurities placed upon a mind at a young age, or abuse from a trusted family member—or it could be that a child was intellectually born broken—by no fault of its own.  But it’s not “normal.”  That doesn’t mean we treat them badly—but that doesn’t mean that we normalize our entire society for them either.

There is an old Joseph Campbell story that he used to tell in his lectures about “the lion and the sheep” that covered this difficult topic very nicely.  A young lion was abandoned by his family at birth and left alone in the wildness to survive on its own.  It comes along to a pack of sheep that it sees grazing and conjugating near a watering hole so it joins them.  The sheep of course are scared at first because lions eat sheep as carnivorous biological entities.  But when they realize that the lion is only a baby, they quickly warm up to the threat—because they are stupid sheep—collective masses of grazers.  Well, the little lion grows up among the sheep and thinks of itself as one of them.  It grazes like they do and drinks from the same watering hole and behaves like them.  Well, one day a magnificent lion—a strong male with a full mane of hair attacks the herd to hunt and in so doing spots the fellow lion.  He goes up to the creature and asks him what he’s doing.  Of course the young lion now grown up and living among the sheep can only reply, BaaaAAAaaaaaaAAAaa.  It doesn’t know any other term because it’s been raised by sheep and the little thing had been having a hard time because obviously it has a body that craves carnivorous substance to survive, so it’s become a sickly creature.  The old lion says to the young one, “Hey, you aren’t one of them; you should be hunting with me.  Look in the watering hole at your reflection and you’ll see it for yourself.  So the young lion does so and realizes that it was true, he wasn’t like the sheep, and that he was in fact a lion.  Of course the old lion slaughtered a few sheep and brought some meat to the confused young lion and said, “eat this, you’ll feel better.”  The young lion did and as soon as his system had meat in its body it began to make a difference, he immediately felt better, stronger, and less inclined to follow the others around in a herd.  Before long the young lion was able to let out a nice roar and to begin hunting like other lions and to take his rightful place as king of the pecking order within the food chain.

Young males in our society currently are like that little lion, they have been told by their school teachers, their media culture, and even their governments that gay sex is perfectly alright.  They were lied to.  Like the lion growing up among the sheep the reason society told them that was to make it easier to lead them to the slaughter-house eventually and control those free spirits by behaving in a herd.  Once males embarrass themselves with something, they are much easier to control socially by those who desire such things.  But gayness isn’t natural, it’s a learned behavior designed to manipulate mankind into a kind of herd animal that is far easier to manage than a bunch of roaming testosterone driven ego maniacs.  But I’m here to tell you people, look in the water, realize what you are, and turn your life back toward your biological impulses.  Don’t act like a sheep if you are a human being, be a lion.  If you are a man, be a man—don’t sit around crying or hugging other guys.  If you are a woman—be a woman—play the role and enjoy it.  Be what you are and don’t let political philosophies manipulate you into being a herd animal for their benefit.

House of Cards is ridiculous.  The kind of sex they portray in the show is not normal.  It’s an invented creation designed to advance a collectivist oriented social agenda.  But men, real men, do not behave like Frank Underwood.  They don’t seek to hold the hand of other men and they don’t do all that gay singing either.  Only broken people who were taught from an early age to be sheep—we can have sympathy for such people, but we can’t destroy our species to relieve them of guilt either—seem inclined to gayness.  We are not all in this together—all for one, and one for all.  We are in this game to win, and to be the top of the food chain—and to be human.  In the game of life we even can eat the lions because we are smart enough to invent tools to kill them if we so desire.  So we should be smart enough to think above sexual impulses and to behave as our sexes dictate—and those established biological rules dictate that men just don’t show emotion to other men in a way that weakens other aspects of their relationships with one another.  If you are a man and you want to show another man that you like them, punch them in the arm.  But don’t stroke their finger like Frank Underwood did in House of Cards at the end of season three.  That was just stupid—forced—and biologically improbable.

Rich Hoffman


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