Holding out for a Hero: America’s final seconds–they need Donald Trump

I spent an entire hour talking about it on Matt Clark’s radio show over the weekend highlighting the necessity—but America is in a situation where it needs one last bit of hope at the last second.  Just like the heroics we sometimes see in sports where a three-point shot is drained at the buzzer, or a champion quarterback throws a ball from midfield into the end zone hoping that his guy catches it with no time left on the clock—or a batter steps off the bench to hit a home run with two outs in the ninth to win the game—we are there as a nation.  We aren’t talking about a sustainable nation anymore—we’ve mismanaged the entire last few decades and now we’re at the end.  Now all we can do is hope with one last shot by some miraculous hero who doesn’t know the word “quit” that we can sneak away with a victory as the years run out of the second decade of the 21st century.  Donald Trump is that big dreamer and flamboyant, reckless showman who might just have what it takes for a hail Mary victory before our  nation gets to 2020 and discovers that we lost 24 trillion in debt are being pushed around the world by deadly “wanna bes” and communist dictators.  The most extraordinary example of Donald Trump’s last second efforts was the Wollman Rink in New York—which I’ve written about before—but somebody unearthed this wonderful footage from the 80s just ahead of the Tuesday primary vote and is providing us some game film showing the possibilities.  

It takes a special kind of optimist to win consistently and it takes an even more unique personality to pull out victories when everyone else is ready to throw in the towel.  I’m a sports fan for only this reason—I’m always on the search for the miraculous—because it sometimes shows itself in our games.  But in real life, it is far harder to see—because we often do not have units of measure to capture such things since the ending of a clock and the parameters of success and failure are not so easily interpreted by rules everyone agrees on.  That is why the Wollman Rink lingered in disrepair for so long in New York City until the big dreamer Donald Trump stepped up and provided the much-needed private sector miracle that everyone needed—and as the video shows, it restored a bit of happiness to those who didn’t have it three months earlier.

The mayor of New York at the time was Ed Koch—seen in the video speaking.  He was a big time Democrat who didn’t like Donald Trump.  Trump had no choice but to work with the mayor for his various building projects, so the two had a contentious relationship.  It was with great reluctance that Ed let Donald Trump even touch the beloved rink—and to throw in the towel to allow the private sector to take a swing of the bat.  Donald Trump being the big thinker that he was immediately went to work thinking outside the box and talking to the right people so that he could make the right decisions.  If Trump was asked how he was going to do all the things needed before he did it, Trump couldn’t have told anybody because he didn’t know, just like a star athlete can’t put last-minute heroics down on a sheet of paper to show pin-headed bureaucrats how they can duplicate his success.  That is because the success starts with a state of mind and optimism derived from past accomplishments.  Then the execution of that optimism has to be communicated to others so that they can do the right things at the right time through unrestrained leadership.

Trump had no “plan” as politicians and other idiots at the back of the train regarding the “Metaphysics of Quality” CLICK TO REVIEW often require—he only had a trust in himself to do the right things at the right time—and that’s what he did the moment that Mayor Koch gave him the green light.  The first thing Trump did was talk to an ice maker who was in the business of making it for a Canadian hockey team instead of the current outfit that was located in Miami, Florida.  In hindsight it should have been obvious to the politicians involved that they should have had someone with great experience advising them on how to build the rink in the temperate outside climate of New York—but after seven years, they hadn’t yet figured it out collectivity.  They make the same mistakes in the military all the time, overpaying for things because nobody is competitively bidding and sources are usually generated behind political donations.  The same thing essentially happens to everything the government touches at any level—decisions are not made to work with the best and brightest because government is too focused on “equality” and opportunity to make decisions based on merit.  So they are weak to identify elements of success when they need to.

It is that system of government that Donald Trump has had to contribute to for so many years, and in the very liberal New York area—a Republican like Trump has had no choice but to pad the pockets of politicians to fund them away from tampering with his projects.  As Ted Cruz says, “Trump funded Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer—along with many other Democrats” he’s speaking from extreme ignorance.  Well, that’s simply not true—Trump paid them to go away because that’s how politics work—they are second-handers always looking to take from those that have.  The best way to get them off your back is to pay them off and if you give them enough money they’ll help you no matter what political party you’re from.  In the field of battle there is no room for such ideological nonsense as Cruz utters.  Here is a guy who has never built anything—never created a single job who only understands political theory applied in the vacuum of conservative thought and he thinks he actually has the right to judge someone like Trump—who has been doing things on a big scale for three decades and knows just how to work the system to get what he wants out of it.  When Cruz speaks about this topic of political funding, it is disgusting because he has no experience for which to utter the words.

I don’t see any way out and I am an eternal optimist.  I am that guy who wakes up every morning and always believes he can win no matter what the odds.   I am all that and then some—and I’m saying America is at its end—we get this one election and that’s it.  We are losing in the world and our enemies are sensing it.  If we want the Republic of America to survive to 2020 we have to act now and hope that someone like Donald Trump can do for America what he did for the Wollman Rink.  To him it is simple; it just requires more advisors to speak with which he loves doing.  It will involve a whirlwind approach that has never been seen before in the White House.  Trump will work day and night and he won’t take vacations—and our many problems will get fixed quickly—relatively—just as the Wollman Rink was.  And if I’m the head coach trying to figure out who needs to be on the field in these last seconds—I want my best guy doing the job—not some political hacks who are responsible for us losing the game in the first place at this late stage.  I want the private sector guy who has a track record of doing the impossible—and Trump is that guy.  We just have to give him the opportunity and to get out of his way and hope for a miracle—because that’s where we are as a nation.

Rich Hoffman


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