Kong Skull Island at Universal Studios: At least its monsters and not a bunch of gay Disney propaganda

Needless to say, the timing couldn’t be better for me.  I have traveled a lot and been to many different places—around the world—but I can honestly say that there is no place on earth that I’d rather visit for vacation than Orlando, Florida. If I were given the option to take a $100,000 vacation to the Mediterranean or to have an all expense trip paid to Orlando to visit the several major theme parks there—I’d pick Orlando.  I have said much about my love of those amusement parks in Central Florida and it looks like through competition the great minds designing new attractions at those parks are giving fans everything they could hope and dream of.  I am of course talking about the Skull Island exhibit at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.  I am absolutely enthralled by the prospect of that ride and attraction because when it comes to movie monsters—King Kong has always been my favorite—followed very closely by Godzilla. So this is exciting news to me.   Then of course is the Star Wars land that is opening at Hollywood Studios over the next couple of years.  I have my concerns about Star Wars—and my hope is that they’ll right their ship before that exhibit is completed—but I at least am hopeful at this time that they’ll do a great job.

It is a shame that Disney as a company has decided to take this exciting period and attempt to shove progressive ideas down the throats of their fans.  When I showed my wife the footage of what Disney did on their ABC television show Once Upon a Time she declared that she would never buy anything from Disney again.  It is one thing to put up with and not discriminate against gay people—but it is quite another to flamboyantly endorse the “lifestyle” and Disney is certainly guilty of that. Uncle Walt would be sick with rage at what his company is doing in regards to gay advocacy.   It’s not at all a family friendly strategy and it’s an insult to those of us who wouldn’t otherwise think twice about spending a $10,000 vacation there to give our families a good—wholesome time.  While at Disney World I don’t want ANY references to sex—especially gay sex.  I want higher concepts and heroic effort—not gayness.  I can tell Disney this—as much as I love Disney World—if they continue on with this gay pride crap—we won’t be spending voluminous amounts of money on their company any more.  My family has been big supporters of the Disney Company over the years—as recently as last week.  We attended a birthday party and it was all about Disney for gifts and balloons.  If Disney doesn’t pull in the gayness—I won’t go to their parks ever again—even though I might want to see their latest inventions.

Universal Studios is not a conservative company—they have their progressive trends as well, but they avoid getting into trouble with it.  Regarding the recent Jurassic World movie the characters were noticeably very traditional within reason.  Chris Pratt was very much an “A” type male who had a clear relationship with women.  If they had decided to muddy the water and have members of the same-sex involved with Chris Pratt from a sexual attraction standpoint—I would have a much different feeling about Jurassic World.  Call it homophobic, call it the acts of a hater—call it whatever you want.  I don’t want to see gayness in my stories.  I don’t want to see it at my vacation destinations.  And I don’t want it around me in public.  Keep it in the bedroom and don’t put it in front of my face.  With all that said, Universal Studios is certainly better at walking the line between social activism and traditional family behavior than Disney is—and their amusement parks currently are doing a better job of providing a safe environment for families.  Maybe that is because the bar is lower for Universal than Disney—as Disney is known for its family friendly material.  But I find myself much more excited right now for Kong: Skull Island than for the new Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios.

I have zero interest in seeing the new Avatar land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Avatar is one of the most progressive films I’ve ever seen and even though up to that point I was a James Cameron fan—he ruined his reputation with me on that project.  Technically, Avatar was a beautiful film—but the anti capitalist message in the movie was just despicable.  Avatar celebrated tribalism and the whole global warming environmental message—and it was just sickening.  It is almost as gross as the gay agenda—the proposal that earth is a living conscience superseding human invention.   Its one thing to appreciate nature—it’s quite another to worship it.  Avatar is about worshiping nature—and I’m not into that.  Mankind should look at nature and think of it as paint for which it can make magnificent art.  Nature is a foundation for thought—not a dominate force against it.  So I may never go to Animal Kingdom to see the Avatar exhibit.  Not the best decision in the world for Disney execs.

But relatively safe from political contention is King Kong and the mythology of Skull Island.  We don’t have to worry about homosexual sex and environmental messages with monsters wanting to kill us—so it makes for a nice comfortable, thrilling adventure that you expect while on vacation.  Nobody wants to be lectured to about progressive politics if they are Midwestern conservatives spending many thousands of dollars on a vacation experience.  And there are a lot more of those Midwestern conservatives than there are progressive homosexuals and urban rap artists.  I understand that these large entertainment companies want to be as inclusive as possible so not to turn away the potential for making a good ol’ dollar, but in cases of politics, they have to pick their poison.  They can’t have it both ways.  Don’t put sexual lifestyles in front of us then expect good conservative Christians seeking strong family values to put up with the intrusion on their life. Nobody wants to spend $235 dollars a night to stay at a Disney hotel to see a bunch of rainbow gay people running around ruining the environment.  At Skull Island, there is no fear of gay themes because it’s all about monsters and destruction, and that is something to look forward to.

So it is just a little exciting to have the prospect of visiting Skull Island at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure—and I hope to see the major improvements to their Jurassic Park section of the part rolled into the mix.  It doesn’t get much better than dinosaurs and giant monsters and I will spend a lot of money to support that kind of thing.  When I’m on vacation I don’t want to see a bunch of fairies, and gay people—and I certainly don’t want to be lectured to about environmentalism.  That is why Universal Studios is pulling out in front of Disney in the theme park business.  Even though Disney is a sentimental favorite—Disney has shot itself in the foot with their progressivism.  Would Harry Potter be as popular as it is if Harry fell in love with a guy as opposed to a girl—of course not?  With such love and fairy tales there is always the promise of happily ever after with children and a continuation of the family name when romance is developed in a story.  But with gay people—it’s just sex—the love goes nowhere and as a plot device—is pointless.  Universal has filled its theme parks with superheroes, robots, and stunning action rides that allow visitors to truly feel like they are getting away from the outside world.  But more and more at Disney are the reminders of their pro-gay protests against state legislation in Georgia and North Carolina.  They are too progressively active to appeal to the American conservative base and it is starting to show.  I know if I feel the way I do about them, then others are not far behind.  With that consideration, Skull Island is looking more appealing than Star Wars right now—because I have a very strong hunch that Disney is about to ruin Star Wars with a gay story line just as they are with their Once Upon a Time television series.

I don’t have to worry about gay plot lines with King Kong and that is wonderful.  But if King Kong suddenly becomes about gay monkey sex—then I’m done with him too.  I don’t care how cool the monsters looks—I’ll be done with King Kong the moment he wants to play with another giant ape’s ding dong.  Because that kind of emotional stuff just isn’t cool.  Monsters that want to kill each other for dominance is—and for that reason I’m really looking forward to Skull Island at Universal Studios, Florida.

Rich Hoffman


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