Sell Your Disney Company Stock While You Still Can: The double standard between Curt Schilling and Howard Ashman


Sometimes you readers here ask me my advice on financial matters, and when I give my opinion and you listen you profit wonderfully, and everyone lives happily ever after.  But as I watched with some level of horror that the Disney owned company ESPN fired the great baseball pitcher Curt Schilling over his social media disgust about transgender politics while my third grandson was being born at the hospital I have decided to give this advice for free before being asked.  If you have any Disney stock in your portfolio, then you should dump it now.  Not only does the Disney Company need to be taught a lesson due to their bad management and advocacy of progressive politics using their extensive entertainment vehicles to attack traditional family values—but it’s just good sound financial policy.  Disney is running all its companies in the ground—most people just don’t see it yet.  So for your own good, you should stick by Schilling—who is a real man, and dump Disney.  Perhaps they’ll learn something and fix their company, but as of right now, they are headed toward a miserable end as they have attached their star to progressive politics.  CLICK HERE TO READ PREVIOUS EXAMPLES OF THIS FAILURE.  Here is why Disney stock is headed for troubled times.

Disney has bet a lot on Star Wars, but those best days are now behind it.  With The Force Awakens breaking $2 billion dollars at the box office and falling short of Avatar, future movies will be disappointments up until 2020.  There are other Star Wars movies that will do well from now until then, and the merchandise sales will be healthy, but the Star Wars mythology is on a downward trend and losing steam quickly.  By 2021 Star Wars will be half the value socially that it is now.  It will still be considered successful compared to the other properties that Disney runs, but it won’t be enough to carry the whole company.

The Marvel films are in their fourth quarter of effectiveness.  The superhero films are losing their appeal and Marvel is the latest “has been.”  DC Comics is the new fresh face and even those films will have run their course by the start of the next decade.  New films will not hold the same appeal that they have over the last decade and this will seriously damage Disney’s market intentions.

Disney is leaning toward making a gay protagonist and Frozen is on the radar to launch that attempt—they experimented with the idea in that popular musical.  It will be a devastating attempt that will be greatly rejected and severely damage the animation division at Disney.  So far they have been dancing around the surface, but there is a lot of pressure politically for them to commit more deeply to gay protagonists as primary characters.  Once they do that, there will be serious market backlash, and you won’t want your money in the Mouse House at that point in time.

ESPN is going down the tubes with the destruction of cable television.  With streaming services taking over the home television markets, ESPN is one of the first major casualties.  Baseball is already having trouble keeping ratings during summertime broadcasts and with the poor PR issues regarding concussions within the NFL, professional sports are having a hard time attracting a younger audience.  There are too many options for young people and sports are becoming decentralized at a key time and ESPN will find itself on the way out quickly in the years to come.  The problem that professional sports face is similar to what the music industry has suffered from in recent years.  Studio music has been weakened as options have given more people outlets, but taken away the extraordinary profits that have been enjoyed in the past.

The Disney Parks are getting killed in the Orlando market, even in the Hollywood region.  Universal Studios has been far more innovative and has not attached their image so intensely to progressive politics.  They have wisely kept a lot of the politics to a minimum where Disney has chained themselves to rainbow-colored castles and flamboyant employees.  The Disney parks have taken a noticeable dive over just the last few years looking more like an apologist of the Obama White House than an entertainment company.  While Universal Studios was building the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and many other updates Disney was focused on attracting more girls while alienating boys.  They have heavily invested in Frozen and their new Fantasyland area.  Universal’s attractions are appealing to both boys and girls while being equally thrilling to adults as well.  But Disney has alienated boys while focusing on girls and ignoring the adults.   They hope to fix that situation with the new Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios, but that will be a few years away toward the end of the Star Wars appeal.  It will arrive at market too late and will lose steam by the mid 2025 time period.

It has long been known that the great Howard Ashman of Disney died of aids because of his gayness, but he was smart enough to write songs to musicals that featured romance between men and women—because they have mass appeal.  Because of Ashman’s talent Disney has been forgiven by the public.  Yet when Disney goes after a strong sports figure like Schilling—who won a world series bleeding from a last-minute surgery to his ankles–because he doesn’t think that men and women should be sharing a bathroom, Disney has crossed the line.  They believe that by employing Shilling at ESPN that they control all aspects of his life.  Where Disney employees like Ashman were allowed to have a homosexual lifestyle that led to his death—Disney supported that lifestyle.  When it came to Schilling, a man known as a conservative who has taken stands on Muslim troubles and gay rights advocacy during his private life—Disney has shown that it discriminates against conservatives while giving free passes to progressives to express themselves any way they wish.  The double standard is an attack on conservative value, and that of course is a terrible business decision on their part.  So in spite of their social activism, they are making decisions that guarantee their future failures.

What Disney is doing to Curt Schilling is showing conservative America that they have the power to tame a big conservative lion-like the pro athlete and Hall of Famer.  They were supposed to be hiring Schilling for his inside baseball knowledge as one of the greats.  But what they really want is to control society’s behavior by taming one of the great male idols within professional sports.  And that is not the decision-making ability of a great company—but a bunch of idiots and soon to be failures.  For that reason, and many of the others mentioned above, and many, many others not even yet talked about—you should sell your Disney stock today, because you’ll wish you listened tomorrow.   That tomorrow may not come for another ten years, but it will come—and you’ll wish you had spent it somewhere else instead of a progressive company riding the coattails of a truly great man, “Uncle Walt,” to use the company to change America instead of motivating it to greatness.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Sell Your Disney Company Stock While You Still Can: The double standard between Curt Schilling and Howard Ashman

  1. Disney stock?? Would never have even considered it. As for Curt, he’s doubling down on his comment as he should. Good for him.
    ESPN has always sucked as has Target. Unfortunately, I still pay to support ESPN. And as a comic book collector, Marvel will be next on the chopping block as all the super hero’s will be polyamorus or worse.
    Sexual deviancy at every turn.
    I honestly believe I will see legal beastiality in my lifetime. Marrying your sheep or chicken will be the next reality show.


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