Save a Millennial: Vote for Donald Trump to prevent a continued socialist incursion in America

Look at these idiots.  At a recent Donald Trump event these Millennials showed up and displayed the net result of their vast ignorance.  If you want to understand why Donald Trump needs to be president it is because of this Millennial generation raised to be socialists through their public educations.  These people need to think completely different about things before it’s too late, and maybe—just maybe, Trump can do it through his ability to work the media.  Nobody else has a personality large enough for the job, and these people are in real trouble.  There are a lot of them out there, and they are very sick. 

Check out Jesus in the background.  God help us—and if that is the son of God back from the dead—he should probably crawl back into the cave he was resurrected from.  What a loser.

Save a Millennial—vote for Trump.

Rich Hoffman


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