Leftist Protesters in California: John Wayne, Donald Trump and taking back what’s good about America

This is what democracy looks like when you have to take your constitutional republic back from communist insurgents bred through our public education system and nurtured through left leaning popular culture to destroy America.  Watch the whole thing and send it to a friend.

And guess what; it will get far worse before it ever gets better.  As a society we let this get out of hand.  Now it will be very violent to get our country back.  So be ready for it.

We’d be a whole lot better off if more people had the values of John Wayne.  But unfortunately we live in a time when people actually think the Hollywood legend was a racist because our interpretation of those definitions have been defined by these radical left winged insurgents.   They won’t give up their position without violence, so let’s give it to them and be ready for what follows. They took it from us, we are only taking it back.

Rich Hoffman


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