Alden Ehrenreich will be a Great Han Solo: ‘Star Wars’ is making a nice comeback

Star Wars3For me Star Wars has always been something of a vacation for my mind—a place to go for leisure and to think about basic formulations regarding good and evil.  I am one who believes that books are far superior to movies made from them, so I am still extremely disappointed with what Disney has done with the franchise.  However, I accept because of the Metaphysics of Quality that they do not understand at Disney how to do anything original and that they are essentially mining the old Star Wars novels for their new projects and claiming them as originals from the new regime at Lucasfilm.  It has really bothered me.  But of late I have respected what Lucasfilm has been doing with Disney—some of it anyway.  I think Rogue One will be a great movie.  It will likely be a combination of a lot of books that I’ve read, especially the A.C Crispin Han Solo novels and the video game Dark Forces but I have come to think that we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  The essential stories are still good even if they are mangled by Disney.  To me, the books will always rule.  But for kids, the way that the books have been reinvented and put up on the silver screen has value—real value and I have found that in this really rough world that we are all living in, that Star Wars certainly is one of the best things in it for families and little kids.  They aren’t as good as they were when George Lucas was in charge, but they are still pretty good.  My mood lightened a lot about Star Wars after I watched Harrison Ford introduce the new Star Wars land in Disney World, seen below.  Lucasfilm finally announced that they found their pick for the new Han Solo films, and I had an opportunity to watch a Reds baseball game on their yearly Star Wars weekend where on Friday night they always do a fabulous fireworks display to John Williams music—which is always wonderful.

It was a beautiful night in May 2016.  I was at the Reds game watching the sold out crowd enjoy the Star Wars festivities and noticing how much the kids in the audience were excited about the event. I was also thinking about the kid Alden Ehrenreich who got the part of playing the new Han Solo in the upcoming stand alone films.  As I said many months ago I thought they would be smart to put Han Solo into all three of those new movies, and it looks like that’s what they are going to do.  With the casting of Alden Ehrenreich I was suddenly very excited about that possibility.  Even though I was very disappointed with The Force Awakens death of Han Solo, the possibility of a lot more Han Solo adventures suddenly perked me up and I found myself enjoying Star Wars for really the first time in months.

I remembered how much I loved Han Solo as a kid.  Of course I’ve long outgrown that character, but I still love the idea of Han Solo and always loved Star Wars because of him.  Without Han Solo for me there is no Star Wars.  But now, with this new kid whom I am very impressed with, I am suddenly having fun in that world again.  I am actually looking forward to the new films which is a bit of a relief, because like I said, for my mind which is very active, Star Wars was always kind of a vacation.  star wars1I probably enjoy the behind the scenes art stories about how Star Wars is made more than I do the actual movies.  So for the prospect of new Han Solo stories—of seeing some of the elements of the old A.C. Crispin novels about a young Han Solo being put up on a screen for everyone to enjoy, I’m excited about it.

As I was thinking of Rogue One, coming out this Christmas the prospect of Han Solo making a guest appearance is pretty exciting.  It will be nice to share those new adventures with my grandkids even though they may never read the same books I did.  I decided it was more valuable to share those experiences with them than to just check out.  I am still concerned about all the progressive trends that are emerging because essentially the young people making all these new Star Wars movies are fans of the original films that grew up with more progressive values as opposed to the original westerns that George Lucas grew up on.  I don’t think the new films will be nearly as good for me as the originals were, but for kids who don’t know any better—it will be very special to them.

More than anything, which was very obvious to me while watching the fireworks at the Reds game, the John Williams music alone was a proper bridge that is just beautiful to behold.  The new themes from the most recent Star Wars film fit in quite nicely with the old ones and it was a special fireworks display for me because of it.  It’s the first time I have heard the new pieces put together with the old and that’s when I thought—what the hell.  There will be six new Star Wars films over the next 5 years and a lot of new music—and Han Solo will be back in the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca, and those are some fun stories.  And in just a few years there will be my dream of seeing a full-sized Millennium Falcon in Disney World.  That will be a dream come true and I am far more excited about that than I should be.  So even though Matt Clark and I torched Disney’s handling of Star Wars on the radio when The Force Awakens came out—I will give credit when I do see a reason for it and Disney is doing a good job—lately. Hopefully that trend will continue.

For the imagination, there is a lot to look forward to.  For me, Star Wars is all about imagination and possibilities.  That quest for the imagination is what makes me get up each day to face real world problems and work through massive tribulations.  At the end of all those tribulations, it has always been nice to have Star Wars to rest my mind in.  So in that context, it is nice to see that I may be able to continue enjoying it.  Alden Ehrenreich was a very good pick.Star Wars2

Rich Hoffman


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