Why Donald Trump will be Great as President: Mankind is growing but the #NEVERTRUMPs are missing a few screws

I wasn’t going to say much about it, but now that Donald Trump is the Republican Party nominee and tempers have abated a bit, proper analysis can finally be possible.  Context is needed before everyone can move forward.  I would think that Objectivists would be happier about Trump than they are.  I would also think that Tea Party types would as well.  Apparently they have in their mind something else that a POTUS is supposed to be which is really too much to ask.  Trump essentially to me is the first Objectivist oriented candidate to ever truly make it to such a high position, and I think the benefits philosophically to our society will be immeasurable.  It really comes down to the public versus private sector ability.  Public sector approaches are too costly and grossly ineffective where private is much more driven by individual performance and that is the world that Donald Trump comes out of—and it will be exciting to watch.

I’m certainly not an Objectivist from Ayn Rand’s camp.  While I admire the work and think it is the best thing the human race has come up with to date regarding management of government resources, it doesn’t go far enough for me.  I make it no secret that one of my favorite books is Thus Spoke Zarathustra yet I would say that my thinking about things is naturally evolved further along than Nietzsche—which is understandable.  That was over 100 years ago, and we’ve learned a lot since then.  Ayn Rand’s work was 50 years ago, so it’s not exactly current.  I have decided that I need to take those types of ideas to the next level before I can have meaning in them which is what I’m doing in the Curse of Fort Seven Mile series.  I can’t just write stories for commercial endeavor.  Even though I enjoy it, there has to be some earth-shaking sense in the work that steers the mind toward the answers for living.  While Ayn Rand denied it, I see clearly that her novels were certainly extensions to Thus Spoke Zarathustra—which was to say, a graduation of mankind from a kind of dependent sacrificial being, into a self-aware, self-sustaining creature capable of immeasurable creation through sheer imagination.

Glenn Beck lost me back when he was on Fox News when he’d speak with ill will toward Nietzsche because Beck needed a “God” figure in his life.  He and a lot of people like him apparently needed to feel that a “god” was guiding them through some divine providence toward some heavenly revelation—as if the plans for America were tied to the plans extracted from Heaven.  To me, that’s lazy thinking—and I deep dive the reasons in my Curse of Fort Seven Mile series.  You can’t just trust something that may not be even concerned with our dimensional reality.  What might call itself a “god” to us may in fact be a disgraceful devil of some kind and we need our intellects to guide us through those decision gates.  Ultimately however, the problem that these types of conservatives have with Donald Trump is that he has certainly graduated in his life away from the need to feel guilt about anything and is living as a self-professed intelligence.  Trump to me is very much the character from Thus Spoke Zarathustra who lived in the mountain cave and came down to the village below to teach the world about the Overman.  Biblically, Donald Trump is not an icon of virtual, but as a graduate from the necessity to sacrifice one’s essence for the benefit of the collective whole—Donald Trump is the first of his kind to emerge into public office.  I say that now because the Hillary Clinton antics with Elizabeth Warren just aren’t going to be able to stop him in a general election.  Yet Glenn Beck in his early days and even as recently as the latest Atlas Shrugged movies was very supportive of Ayn Rand, as was Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul.  They apparently don’t understand what makes the characters great in Rand’s books.  It certainly wasn’t a propensity to sacrifice themselves to some “divine providence.”  Glenn Beck actually called on people to “fast” to beg God to keep Donald Trump from winning the presidential nomination.  That is just ridiculous.  Talk about sacrifice—Beck doesn’t understand—he has clearly lost his mind.

I understand that some people need a “god” to hold their life together. You can’t just live a life leaning toward meek sacrifice for 70 years of a life then stop on a dime and say that man has within its mind the power of the universe and that “god is dead,” as Nietzsche did in Thus Spoke Zarathustra.  However, the need for a “god” is in mankind’s intellect, and the need to hold on to that crutch has kept our society in this ridiculously infantile state for far too long.  You will never get to John Galt’s engine of the world by sacrificing bits of yourselves to a being beyond time and space.  Whatever is out there in those folds of time needs to be properly vetted before trust can properly be established—you certainly can’t trust some Roman interpretation of a Christ metaphor passed down to us from the ages of Zoroastrianism.  That’s just stupid.  While I don’t fault people for their needs intellectually, I do when it comes to crossing the streams of proper government.  Thinking is the key to human endeavor, not hoping that a “god” will show mercy and guide us to some Promise Land.  We have to make that Promised Land though our intellectual gifts provided by “god,” but we can’t be passive recipients in our approach.

Donald Trump’s harshest critics are those who find it appalling that he is completely a man of his own making, that he seeks only his counsel when making a decision, that he loves himself and isn’t meek, and that he shows an indication toward the complete domination of his enemies.  They can’t understand such a person because Trump is free from the need to sacrifice anything to make something—so they can’t understand how it will be possible as president.  But praying for a god to save a nation is just as stupid as the athlete who scores a touchdown and points toward heaven as though “god” made such a thing possible.  To say that America is great because God is behind it is just as stupid as the Muslims believing that Allah wants them to kill infidels.  America is great because the thoughts of mankind have been free to unleash the gifts of imagination manifested into invention and that is something new.  Donald Trump is a product of the American system.  He is a graduate of individualism and that is what will make him a great president.  I know I can trust Donald Trump because he works by the rules of individual integrity—he doesn’t need the judgment of God to keep him from smoking cigarettes or doing drugs—the way Glenn Beck uses God to keep back the demons from his past.  Trump cares about himself and his family and he doesn’t want to be viewed by history as being bad, tyrannical, or a loser in any way.  He wants to be loved as he loves himself and he wants to give people that feeling that he has when he gets up each morning—it’s the one thing that billions of dollars in the bank can’t buy, and it’s the one thing he wants more than anything in life.  He wants the respect of those around him and the way he intends to get it is by the means of the individualists who have written in literature the foundations of our present circumstances—philosophers like Nietzsche and Ayn Rand.

Trump will unlock through his mouth the potential of America and that is the force behind the movement that is now afoot.  That movement is what these #NeverTrump people are scared of.  They fear that America will head toward Sodom and Gomorra with the inauguration of Donald Trump because they essentially don’t understand the power that drives people on the individual level.  For instance, I was at a baseball game at the Cincinnati Reds home park and my wife and I were having diner in the Diamond Club.  It was all very nice, the food was on the upside and the drinks were flowing all around us.  People were happy, festive and we were all living a life of extreme opulence.  The food was too good and many of us were still enjoying it when the game started.  When the National Anthem came on everyone stopped and stared at the televisions to watch what was happening out on the field. That entire place went dead silent and everyone was enrapt with reverence toward the greatness of our country.  Nobody told anyone to behave that way; it came out of the individual inclination of the collected masses.  That is in essence the Donald Trump life.  Work hard, have plenty so that there is an excess, and be gracious with that excess.  But don’t be a loser, because if you are, you deserve to be bitch slapped into oblivion.  Nobody likes a loser and America isn’t a nation of such people.  It has been made to feel that way, but it’s time to stop feeling that way.  And only Donald Trump can invoke that character once again by returning our nation toward an ideology centered on individual achievement instead of collective salvation.  That is where the psychosis of the #NEVERTRUMPs crosses the line because their judgment of good and evil is in violation of the principles of actual success.  America can’t afford their immature interpretation any longer.  People don’t need to be told to be silent when the National Anthem is playing, and they don’t need to be told to be kind to their neighbor by someone like Glenn Beck.  We certainly don’t need any more preachers.  We need action by individuals to make our county great again—and we need a salesman to resurrect it within our culture.  That is why Donald Trump will be such a great president.  He offers a continuation of the philosophies which have evolved over the years toward individualism and now society can see a fine example from the White House which perhaps will save our nation by unlocking that potential in others.  That is why the Trump nomination is such a big deal, and why so many people are having a difficult time with it.  They don’t have the proper philosophy in their own life to understand–and that isn’t our fault.  It’s their problem.

Rich Hoffman


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