The End of the Democratic Party: Rich Hoffman and Matt Clark on WAAM

Yes, during this broadcast on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Matt Clark, I predicted the end of the Democratic Party.  What, Why, How, When and Where I described in some detail during the radio broadcast.  Click the link below to hear it for yourself and be sure to pass it along to a friend in need of some energy in these trying times.  Don’t worry, help is coming!

Rich Hoffman


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  1. I believe you’re on to something here, Rich. What direction will the “New Democratic Party” go… the Bernie Sanders route, or the Jim Webb route? (Recall he was the only sane 2016 Democratic candidate.) I’m hoping it’s the latter, but only time will tell.

    As we talked about on-air, it’s a similar fork in the road the GOP has been facing the past few years. Interesting times we live in, that’s for sure!

    Always a pleasure, thanks broth’a! Glad you’re in the trenches, also fightin’ to save our Republic.


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