The NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President: It’s about more than just sending Hillary Clinton to prison

Things are happening even faster than I thought they would a few weeks ago.  In case you missed it, the NRA endorsed Donald Trump right before the presidential candidate spoke at the meetings in Louisville, Kentucky.  The speech was very good not only by Trump but by Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox as well.  I would encourage you to watch the whole thing and to share it.  The trio of leading speakers did a very fine job of articulating the situation we are facing and for a change, there was justified ferociousness to their urgency.  The progressive political left has shown their cards clearly and it’s time to answer them.

For me the “Hillary for Prison” tag line is more than just politics.  She represents a vile future of open sex, drug worship, corruption, stupidity, and betrayal for our nation’s future.  What she calls compassion and “civil rights” are in fact chains of further enslavement—not literally, but mentally.  Her brand of politics furthers the destruction of the human race from the level of the soul, and it’s about time for us to stand up for ourselves.  One of the best ways that you can do that dear reader is to join the NRA, by clicking the link below.  Additionally, join Second Call Defense by using my name to get a first free month.  Do your part in protecting freedom, join the NRA, carry a gun, and be one of the good guys sending bullets in the opposite direction when a diabolical menace presents their ideological corruption through terrorism.

Rich Hoffman


Sign up for Second Call Defense here:  Use my name to get added benefits.

3 thoughts on “The NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President: It’s about more than just sending Hillary Clinton to prison

  1. The Trump train is on the move and the loser is eating dust. I’m so glad that Dr. Carson is on his team. He is a truly decent human being. I’d also like to see Col. West in a high position, even Dept. Dept. of Defense Sec. We are NRA members for years.


      1. It is great that so many people have become aware of the deceit of the left. This fact gives me hope.


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