How Second Call Defense Works: Defending yourself from left-leaning scum bags and why the world should follow American examples

If you’ve been paying attention to the crises in Venezuela, and most of the South American countries, you would have noticed that they are experiencing a complete breakdown in civility and decent respect for other members of the human race.  What all of Venezuela is experiencing presently in 2016 and beyond is similar to what American inner cities are experiencing, a degradation of the human population into a failure in all aspects and the cause is the mismanagement of whatever governments imposed socialism upon those sovereign territories.  When morality is gone from a society looters and thugs are born and they will think nothing of stealing from others to satisfy their immediate animal desires for survival.  This is especially a risky condition in any society that has many active drug abusers who will do anything to achieve their next “high” to relive them from the pressures of reality—which they obviously can’t handle.  These mismanaged and treacherous conditions can then push these scum bags, losers, and openly diabolical human wastes into well managed areas complete with good families and hard-working Americans.  It is then that the only defense good people have against bad people is a gun, and that is why every competent American should learn to use a firearm and carry it.  At a minimum gun owners should be in every home and they should be prepared to defend their “castle” from any incursion by one of those failures of left-leaning political philosophy.  Hopefully it never happens, but if a gun owner has to shoot a desperate attacker who would rather steal and harass a good person with a firearm, then Second Call Defense is the best opportunity to quell the aftermath.  The founder of Second Call Defense, Sean Maloney explains how the legal process works during such a shooting and how Second Call Defense can protect you after you’ve had to shoot an assailant in self-defense.

I have loved Second Call Defense long before I became a recruiter.  It’s a great service and is something I think everyone should have.  At my home, I have enough firearm ability to stop an army of such insurgents, so I sleep well at night.  But that armed contest is just one step in the process.  It’s not enough to just stop bad guys who intend harm with a gun.  There is a legal process ran often by the same left-leaning idiots who caused all the trouble in the first place—who have mismanaged the legal system to such a degree that you could go broke defending yourself from their stupidity.  The political left has created the criminal class and they essentially run the legal system—so the gun is really your only defense against both, and you need something like Second Call Defense to defend yourself from the legal assaults which follow defenses involving firearms.

It is a right and a privilege to own a firearm.   Our American society is great because of the gun and I would suggest that every country on earth adopt the same kinds of laws favoring gun ownership that we have in America.  All over the world, left leaning philosophies create scum bags, losers, malcontents, welfare recipients, Democrats, socialists, peace sign wearing hippies, pot smokers, Grateful Dead concert goers, Jimmy Buffett fans, drug dealers, slum dwellers, and second-hander insurgents.  For those lost souls, they have no other intellectual recourse for their failures in life but to steal and harass good people, and the only thing really that keeps them at bay is firearm ownership—which is precisely why the left wants to ban them all the time.  Unfortunately around the world, many good people have been crushed because they haven’t had the opportunity to own firearms to defend themselves and their economies show the result.  Hopefully in the United States we can defend our own laws from the political left and show the world why they should follow our lead—and Second Call Defense is a huge part of that strategy.  So I’d advise you to sign up.  Use my name and you’ll get a free first month.  It is the best thing you can do aside from buying and owning a firearm.  I’d advise you to do it today.  You can join by clicking the link below.

Rich Hoffman


Sign up for Second Call Defense here:  Use my name to get added benefits.

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