Watch ‘Cartel Land’ Today: A fabulous film by Matthew Heineman every American should see

I dare you dear reader to watch the fabulous film Cartel Land by Matthew Heineman for the sheer guts it took to film it.  This was a movie I had on my radar for a while and due to the long Memorial Day weekend and the easy access of it on Netflix, I was able to finally watch it.  If you really want to see the tip of the iceberg of what’s going on in Mexico—just the tip—then watch this movie today.  It shows a lot of good people wrapped up in a completely destroyed system where government institutions have been entirely wiped away and yield to organized crime.  Here is a clip of the filmmaker and some sample scenes.

Drugs are death—there is nothing good that comes from them in any way.  If you take drugs, you are feeding these organized crime elements, and you are part of the vast evil they are spreading.  I can’t say there was a single good guy in Cartel Land, but there were a lot of people who dared to think of themselves that way.  For some standing up to the cartels was their very last act at some sort of redemption and to them I say, wonderful.  Better late than never.  But people in America better get it through their thick skulls quickly just how bad the situation truly is.  Mexico is a destroyed country and the illegal immigration is technically an invasion against ours for the open destruction of American sovereignty.  And to be honest, who could blame the Mexican people for wanting to leave such an armpit of a country.  If there is one thing that Matthew captured so well was the many good people stuck in a situation where death, poverty, and oppression were the only things they have to look forward to.  If any country should do any invading its America into Mexico.  After watching Cartel Land I think we should invade Mexico, free all their people—clean up the cartels completely, and turn the whole county into an American state—like Texas.  Those poor people would be a lot better off.

It was an amazing film.  I already felt quite passionately about the drug cartels and the people who suffer most by them.  But this movie really captured the desperation.  You should watch it today.  With Netflix, it doesn’t get any easier—so there’s no excuse not to see it.

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “Watch ‘Cartel Land’ Today: A fabulous film by Matthew Heineman every American should see

  1. Trump is right. Too many of the invaders from Mexico are hell bent on destroying our country. They have destroyed Mexico and the next step is the complete destruction of the last hope for humanity. The sad fact is that too many Americans are buying their product. The evil being perpetuated reminds me of what happened to China with national use of opium. At that time the use was encouraged by the government. I believe the same is true here with so little being done to stop the flow into our country. There are warehouses packed with the stuff in Chicago. This seems to be well known and yet the authorities look the other way. Fast and furious has exposed the government supplying arms to the cartel. Many photos have been on line showing the arms that were provided by the Obama administration to the criminals. The pictures also show the most expensive SUV’s along with the arms. Most of us have read about Mena, Arkansas and the political connections to that flow of cocaine into the U.S.A. There are even reports of the Clintons using cocaine and the Obama too.

    The guys shown making crack said they will do it as long as they make money. Greed is the motivation for the sales, but we sure need to figure out the motivation and stupidity of why the idiots knowingly put the poison into their bodies. The next question is why are our tax dollars used to support these people in any way?


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