Pictures of Mainak Sarkar the UCLA Shooter: Notice he’s not a “white redneck”

One of the reasons the political left is so obsessed with skin color is because they like to hide their misdeeds behind racism.   But they don’t like to talk about people from other places around the world who come to America but have difficulty merging with the freedom tendencies of our culture.  Failures who come from more collectivist based cultures who don’t assimilate well such as Mainak Sarkar, an Indian guy at UCLA who shot his professor while in class, are typically ignored by the media because they don’t advance progressivism.  So here is a picture of him allowing the image to speak thousands of words of explanation.

Mainak Sarkar Photos: Must-See Pictures of UCLA Shooter

As much as the political left makes fun of people who wear cowboy hats, drive pick-up trucks, and tend to thump the Bible adhering to traditional values–the typically “white” males usually associated with “redneck” culture are not the ones doing all the mass shootings and having a hard time living in America.  It’s creations of the political left who have all the trouble–and thus, the fault for the UCLA shootings resides squarely on their shoulders.

Rich Hoffman


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