Send the “Wetbacks” back to Godforsaken Mexico: The unnamed invasion meant to destroy America is obvious

The media set the stage and our current political system has cast the insurrection—so what happens now is their fault.  The people in the following video and those like them are not Americans—they are invaders provoked by progressives to overtake us all and attack our way of life.  At the now famous Trump rally in San Jose, California you can see dear reader how bad the situation really is.  A Trump supporter ganged up on badly stood her ground the way a fan might at a typical football game when surrounded by supporters of the opposite team.  But what happened to her is a hint of the intentions of these insurgents.  This is the video the news media did not show you—it was of her being egged violently and spit on by a mob of illegal immigrant supporters built by the open border policies instituted by those around the world—including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton—to end American sovereignty and our economical means of capitalism.  They are the ones who declared war.  Most of us have been very kind up to this point.

Of course we’d all be stupid to take this laying down and to just surrender ourselves to these angry mobs.  It is my hope that a Donald Trump election will further root out the insurgents and help set the course of the country back toward success.  But you have to understand, the people behind this movement are thieves and extreme liars—just look what Kati Couric did just the other day with her video against gun owners, or the State Department against James Rosen at Fox News.  They will do anything to advance their progressive agenda and when something challenges them, they resort to violence such as they did in San Jose at the Trump rally.  Or they resort to criminal acts to hide their acts even at the highest levels, and they don’t care because the media is eating out of the palm of their hands.  This criminal action is clearly mainstream now, the evidence is all around us—just look at these videos from stories done the exact same week as the San Jose protests.

This November election may be the last one we have without actual warfare occurring between the insurgents and the residents formed in America under the United States Constitution.  It is my hope that the election will solve the issue.  But don’t be naive.  Violence will occur because the political left has no other recourse.  What they don’t expect is for the good people of America to stand up for themselves—which they are about to learn—is going to happen—just like that young lady did in the Trump jersey as she was harassed.  If she had not been standing in front of a Marriott in a nice neighborhood within America with hundreds of cameras recording every incident, if that mob had been in Venezuela, Mexico City or anywhere in the Middle East, she would have been raped repeatedly and butchered violently.  These are the villains we are dealing with, and they are now in our country trying to take it over with sheer force.  And we just can’t let that happen.  Hopefully, an election will solve the problem.  But if that doesn’t work, we will have to dish it out instead of just taking it.  These vile idiots will be coming to your back yard soon no matter where you live—and this is what they are really like.

Rich Hoffman


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