Omar Mateen’s Jihad Against Gays in Orlando Shooting: Blame Obama, not guns for the violance

A federal law enforcement official told USA TODAY the suspect has been identified as Omar Mateen and said investigators were reviewing the attacker’s possible utterances that may provide more specific information about a terror ideology or affiliation. The official, who was not authorized to comment, characterized the attack as “certainly’’ terrorism. It was not immediately clear whether investigators were aware of the attacker prior to the assault.

Mina said the gunman was armed with an assault rifle, a handgun and some sort of unidentified device. Officers from multiple agencies and dozens of emergency vehicles responded to the scene. Orange County Fire and Rescue called for gurneys to move victims from the club.

There have been a lot of shootings this past weekend in Orlando, Florida—one of my favorite cities in the world.  With an armed robbery at a Wal-Mart Thursday, then the shooting of a young girl and former Voice contestant Friday night by a solitary gunman, the Jihadist terrorist attack of a LGBT nightclub called “The Pulse” was the most violent, by far.  As of this writing, 50 dead and about 50 sent to the hospital.  So who is to blame?  Well, in all these situations the fault is uniformly on the political left for following Saul Alinsky strategies seen below toward collapsing society.

AlinskyFor one, progressives have been very active in promoting the dreadful conditions of LGBT living and late night orgies of low mentality sexual promiscuity.  Then on the other hand they have stoked the fires of Jihad by opening American borders and throwing a violent Islamic culture onto our doorsteps putting the two ideologies together with the hope that violence would erupt and that they could fulfill Alinsky’s strategy of removing guns from American society so that terrorists would have an easier time of destroying America for aims of progressive desires for world unification under their rule.

I would suggest dear reader that you respond to this violent event by buying a gun today, signing up for Second Call Defense—to protect yourself legally. (You can do that at the below link) Then make sure you are a member of the NRA in hopes that they might continue their efforts at preserving peace through their powerful lobby so that you might not ever have to use your guns to defend your lives and property from these radical progressive elements strategically put in place to destroy our culture.  If it is happening in Orlando-it will be coming to your doorsteps soon—and you’ll want to be ready when it does.

The fault for The Pulse shootings in Orlando, Florida I would place directly on the Obama administration and those connected to it.  It is really his failed policies which created the battlefield on both sides.  He and his kind have followed Saul Alinsky and this is what you get.  Guns are the solution to stopping future violence.  Jihad and advocates of it are the villains, and it’s time we designate such things in the proper scope.  If people want to follow Jihad they belong on the sand baked deserts of the Middle East where there is no economy or opportunity because of their long acceptance of collectivist based philosophies which has destroyed their ability to develop, culturally.  You can’t just plop Jihadists into one of the finest capitalist cities on planet earth and expect them to put up with differing viewpoints—like gay people dancing the night way—literally.  It wasn’t guns that caused the problem.  It was progressives and their Saul Alinsky inspired insurgencies.

Rich Hoffman


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