Donald Trump’s Chances of Becoming President Just Increased: Deport and lockup all radical Islamic fanatics–ISIS needs our answer


According to a political science professor at Long Island’s Stoney Brook University he believes the statistical odds of businessman Donald Trump becoming the next president are between 97 and 99 percent.  After the Orlando shooting, those odds went up dramatically.

That professor, Helmut Norpoth, says his statistical forecast model shows the Manhattan mogul’s chances of beating Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton are at 97 percent, while his chances of defeating Bernie Sanders are at 99 percent. Overall, the model predicts that there is a 61 percent chance that a Republican will win the White House in November.

Norpoth, who announced his model’s results earlier this week, says his model is very accurate — and has been for 104 years. The statistical model, which uses a candidate’s performance in their party’s primary in addition to electoral cycle patterns, has correctly predicted the general election outcome for every presidential election dating back to 1912.

The only presidential candidate—actually–the only person running for any office to provide a plan to defeat ISIS has been Donald Trump.  So when it comes to this November’s election, Donald Trump represents an actual answer to this terrorist problem—as opposed to perpetual news coverage and a feeling of victimization that is never-ending.  People like me voting in this election expect results and Trump is the only one promising any.  That makes him the only possible pick.

Hillary and her former boss, Barack Obama have created ISIS due to their administration policies of spreading the Islamic caliphate around the Mediterranean.  I don’t think they intentionally created ISIS, but that they just mismanaged the situation due to their radical hatred of American sovereignty and foreign intervention in the Middle East region.  Regardless, the trouble in the United States with increasingly persistent radical Muslim ideologies falls right on the doorsteps of the White House and Hillary was a part of that creation.  That will pretty much destroy Hillary’s campaign now that this terrorist event has happened a few months before the presidential election.

At the beginning of the week of June 12th 2016 Trump plans a breakdown of Hillary Clinton and why she is not fit to be president of the United States.  He had an easy job before this shooting, but now it is much easier for him.  ISIS is Hillary’s baby as Secretary of State and now they have brought blood to the homeland she wants to lead.  The election will go to Trump and when he wins, the first advisable thing to do would be to scoop up every terrorist sympathizer and put them on lock down.  This should happen before we all have to go through the pain of increased TSA, NSA and FBI investigations giving up more of our freedoms, the groups who actually cause all these problems should be the first to have their rights trampled for the security of our nation.  It’s not Christians doing these shootings, and it’s not Confederate Flag waving intolerant southerners.  It’s radical Islamic terrorists homegrown in this case, but inspired by foreign insurgents who have in the past had the sympathies of the White House.

We either deport these people or we go to war with them in the streets of America. There aren’t any other options.  Donald Trump’s solution may not be “politically correct.”  It may go against “The Law Of One,” which secret society types, one world order maniacs, and political losers like Mitt Romney are so committed to—but I’m not, and neither is Donald Trump—and many others of us who are sick of these mismanaged events caused by stupid politicians who believe all the wrong things.  I don’t believe in “The Law of One.”  So scoop up the terrorists and all those Islamic idiots who say crazy things on Facebook and either deport them, or lock them up.  We are at war and when we sort everything out, we can figure out how to integrate them back into society.  But first, we need to send a message to ISIS—swiftly.  And we can’t care whose feelings get hurt along the way.  It doesn’t matter.  The people causing all the trouble are the ones who need to feel the pain.  And of all the people who are in positions of leadership, the only one with a plan is Donald Trump.  I simply can’t wait for him to take office.

Rich Hoffman


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