Muslim Mohammad Moghaddam Taking Hostages in Wal-Mart: Obama’s epic failure in advancing Islam in America

As Obama and is liberal friends attempted to use the tragedy in Orlando recently to promote more gun control, another inflamed Muslim fanatic took two hostages in a Texas Wal-Mart and had to be shot dead by police.  Democrats are despicable.  Again they have created all these problems on all sides, and their failure is the net result of the violence we are seeing.  Obviously, Muslims do not assimilate well in America.  They are a problem and need to be dealt with because they have shown that they do not respect freedom and liberty, and their religion seems to push them into situations of violence.  As the Muslim Mohammad Moghaddam was harassing Wal-Mart employees, the Obama administration was putting out the following fund raising letter.

Friend — 

This weekend we saw the most deadly mass shooting in American history — motivated by hate, and fueled by the easy availability of deadly weapons.

The tragic shooting in Orlando — which specifically targeted the LGBT community — is the latest example of the epidemic of gun violence in our country.

Love is love, and no act of hate will change that. Violence in our places of friendship and worship cannot become the status quo.

Add your name to say you agree that doing nothing is not an acceptable decision:



Katie Hogan
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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An armed man who took hostages in a Texas Walmart today before he was fatally shot by police was identified as a longtime employee.

Mohammad Moghaddam, 54, had worked for Walmart for “more than a decade” and was a current employee when he took hostages at the Amarillo store just after 11 a.m., Charles Crowson, senior manager of national media relations for Walmart, told ABC News.

Further details on Moghaddam and his employment with Walmart were not immediately available.

The suspect was shot by a member of the Amarillo Police Department SWAT team at 12:22 p.m., and the initial investigation pointed to the incident as workplace violence, according to police. The hostages inside are safe, police said.

At least two Walmart employees were taken hostage. One of the hostages was a manager with whom the suspect had a work-related dispute, according to police. It is unclear how many other people were taken hostage.

“As soon as we heard about the situation at our store in Amarillo, Texas, we acted immediately,” Walmart said in a statement. “All customers and our two associates who were held hostage are safe. This was a very difficult situation, and we are thankful for the quick response from law enforcement.”

At least one gunshot was fired, according to an eyewitness. No one else was injured in the incident, the Amarillo Police Department said.

Funny how Obama didn’t mention this situation during his speech about gun control.  The guy is in denial in such an embarrassing way.  Obama is an idiot.  Gun free zones are killing fields for Muslim radicals, which apparently are an increasing threat led to fruition by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Muslim Mohammad Moghaddam Taking Hostages in Wal-Mart: Obama’s epic failure in advancing Islam in America

  1. A successful idiot. The mass of people who are drinking the goo right down is upsetting even for those that saw all this coming.
    Hurry with your task at hand. I miss your daily posts. Especially now.


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