Keeping Exits Open in a Gay Night Club: Why we need bazookas, rocket launchers and assault weapons under the Second Amendment

I do feel sorry for Jo Cox from the British Parliament and all the gay people in Orlando caught in that shooting, but in the wake of all that tragedy are some very alarming elements which have shown themselves.  First of all, England has some very vigorous “weapons” controls, yet Mrs. Cox was still murdered in the streets of England by a conspiracy laced madman supposedly out of dedication to England voting to leave the EU.  Honestly, that story is a little too convenient—good thing I’m not a conspiracy theorist—because the numbers don’t look good for England to remain in the EU.  Regardless of the motive, leftists were quick to use the tragedy of Jo Cox to rally sympathy toward the efforts to keep England bound to the rest of Europe—at least for now.  And the same thing happened in Orlando.  Look, that Pulse nightclub was not a happy place—it was a gay bar intending social debauchery.  That aspect of course was covered by the murder of 49 people but it was a place of detriment to begin with.  However, in the wake of the tragedy, the world is broadcasting rainbows in solidarity with gay rights activists and before you could blink, liberals everywhere were promoting gay lifestyles and attacking guns—rather than the root cause which was Islamic terrorism.

It is precisely this kind of madness which is why we have the right to not only guns, but assault weapons of every kind.  In all these tragedies, the governments have really screwed up, and we need the means to remove them from power if elections prove unsuccessful.  That is why we have guns of every kind covered under the Second Amendment—from muskets to rocket launchers.  England with all its laws couldn’t keep a deranged person from killing one of its rising stars in parliament and no laws in the United States would keep lunatics like that ISIS pledging scum bag in Florida from killing masses of people at will.  (I find it astonishing that nobody in that gay club rushed the shooter between weapon loads.  The killer had time to call people, make posts on Facebook and keep fresh magazines in his weapon without anybody challenging him.  To me, that is a bigger problem.  The issue certainly isn’t gun control, it’s the ridiculous notion that in a room full of men—nobody had the guts to charge the assailant.)  As a nation, we have really destroyed the valor of our young people through public education.  And even worse than all that, the Pulse nightclub had all their exits locked up with only one way in or out.  Who would ever think that a “gay” club would even metaphorically block up an “exit.”  They love exits, I would think they’d have them open everywhere—if they did, a lot more people would be alive right now, that’s for sure.

The real villains are these idiots calling for gun control before the smoke even cleared the barrels in Florida.  Within two days Jo Cox was killed by a gun—and a knife—in a country where even thinking about those kinds of things are outlawed.  Gun control laws do not work or make our country safer.  But what they do perform is taking the light off the idiots who created all these problems, and when they refuse to leave office and continue to run our police, and military, there may come a day where we have to have those weapons to maintain our country from domestic enemies—as well as foreign.  In that spirit, I want not only AR-15s, but bazookas, rocket launchers and whatever I can get.  Because idiots are running our government and in the wake of the tragedies they created, they are demanding we trust them more and give up our guns.  Sorry, that is not going to happen.  Government couldn’t keep a bunch of gay people safe with proper fire codes, they raised through government schools a bunch of wimps, and they let radical Islamic fanatics roam the streets after two FBI investigations and who knows what collected through the NSA.  I am likely higher on the terrorist watch list than the Orlando shooter because I’m a white guy and Tea Party supporter in the way government profiles people.  No, government has made plenty of mistakes and giving up our guns to them—even machine guns—would be a mistake.

Once again dear reader, I’d encourage you to join the NRA today, then Second Call Defense.  Buy a gun—no buy two or three guns.  Learn to use those guns, get a concealed carry permit and learn to be a good guy with a gun.  One thing is for sure, we’d be safer with you carrying a gun than relying on these stupid people running our governments to provide even basic security.  They can’t even keep the exits open in a gay nightclub—and that is the ultimate failure.

The world has gone mad.  We need guns now more than ever.

Rich Hoffman


Sign up for Second Call Defense here:  Use my name to get added benefits.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Exits Open in a Gay Night Club: Why we need bazookas, rocket launchers and assault weapons under the Second Amendment

  1. As usual, well stated. What bothers me it the passivity of the first responder concept. Essentially, we are to wait until somebody in a position of authority shows up to rescue us. We have to flip this around completely and get people to realize that they are their own first responders and have both a right and responsibility of active self-defense.

    I have a Marine Corps friend who worked MP duty for a while. He once told me that a man with a knife is actually more dangerous at close quarters (15 ft or less) than a man with a gun. A knife is basically an infinite supply of bullets while a gun can only dispense one bullet at a time. Unlike the BS on television, a single shot is not a sudden and instant kill even if the shot is lethal.


  2. One other thing. The entire situation with concealed bothers me. If I sign up for a class, then I am presumed to have a gun or intend to have a gun. The government now has a mechanism for putting me on yet another type of list which, in the future, might result in me getting a letter saying “Turn in your guns. As a CC student, it is presumed that you have such a weapons or weapons, and you have to prove that you don’t.” Essentially, you are guilty unless you can prove innocence.


    1. You are right, however in this case getting your CC is more or less a vote. The government doesn’t like to see that list growing. They like to keep those numbers small. Just by getting on that list, you do a lot to prevent what you are concerned about.


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