West Chester Defends Community from Vile Swingers Club: Understanding that anti-family policy destroys capitalist endeavors


Anybody who lives in West Chester today should send some praise to the people currently running it.  They have successfully staved off an outward attack from a vile “swingers club” with a small settlement.  The Sanford Group targeted West Chester on purpose.  They could have located the business just across the township line in the now decrypted Fairfield but chose to attempt to dirty up West Chester’s image with decadence.  While it would have been nice to avoid paying those promoters of sin and debauchery anything—the West Chester administration did the best that they could given that the legal system seemed to align its values with the swingers.  The opportunity cost to West Chester business would have far exceeded the cost of the settlement.


 A suburban township has settled a lawsuit by Indiana-based adult club owners who had planned to open a swingers club in southwest Ohio.

The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reports Melissa Warren and Eric Adams of Sanford Group LLC planned to open the sexually oriented business in West Chester but found their business license and zoning certificate had been revoked in November.

Township officials and Sanford Group reached a settlement that calls for Warren and Adams not to open another such sexually oriented business or similar use in town.

The township agreed to pay Sanford Group $61,000 and the site’s landlord $29,000 toward unpaid rent.


To illustrate my point, now that the Sanford Group knows the future of their West Chester location, they are absolutely free to attempt to get some very cheap rent at the old Forest Fair Mall location, which is very near where they proposed to set up shop over this contentious issue.  After all, if they really just wanted to set up an adult swingers club, the reputation of the Forest Fair Mall location would have been much more lucrative.  That mall is now a dead mall, which was once a vibrant place because management around Fairfield and Forest Park botched the deal over a twenty year period. High taxes and bad policy destroyed the mall—specifically allowing the location to be a hangout for young unsupervised people and night club goers.  For a time, Forest Fair Mall opened an entire wing in front of what became Burlington Coat Factory to bars and nightclubs which essentially destroyed the appeal to lucrative businesses thinking of locating there.  Then there was the meat market nightclub called Metropolis which further solidified the death of Forest Fair Mall.  A lot of people got laid, cheated on spouses, and behaved in a generally despicable manner, but the cost was enormous to the region.  Families stayed away from the mall and scum bags took over, and Forest Fair Mall—one of the largest in the country—died.

What happened in West Chester is called, “management.”  They protected the community for future capitalist growth while discouraging vile businesses rooted in sexual proclivity from destroying that culture.  That is what the purpose of zoning is supposed to be.  Sadly it still cost money to make bad people go away, largely because a judge ruled in favor of the swingers club—probably because he wanted to attend the place.  But the West Chester trustees worked the situation well and kept those sexual provocateurs away so that the families of West Chester and the business owners trying to expand their efforts could do so without the disgrace of an embarrassment conducting business just down the street.  A tip of the hat to the good guys within West Chester for a job well done.

Rich Hoffman


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