Brazil’s city of Rio De Janeiro in a State of Financial Disaster: Socialist International fails even more people with many to follow

Of course I have been telling you people about this for a long time now.  Every country and city touched by the vile group Socialist International is responsible for this economic disease which is currently engulfing the world.  Here is the latest off the news wire:


RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The acting governor of Rio de Janeiro state has declared a state of financial disaster so he has more leeway to manage the state’s scarce resources less than two months Brazil hosts the Olympic Games.

Francisco Dornelles announced the decision on Friday. It will allow Rio’s state government to change its budgetary priorities without disrespecting Brazil’s fiscal laws

This has been a long time and coming.  Brazil is resource rich and has had every opportunity to become a prosperous first world county but their overall public philosophy has imprisoned their people for decades to poverty.   Hollywood has attempted to lure America to follow the example of Brazil with films like Blame it on Rio and Wild Orchard as ways to expose North America to the sexually promiscuous lifestyles of their southern neighbors, but it hasn’t worked.  

Puerto Rico is pretty much in the same situation, as is all of Mexico, Cuba all of Central America, all of South America—everywhere.  Canada would be suffering but their entire country doesn’t have as many people in it as a typical America state, so they can afford to live off tourism to their country for a while longer.  But Brazil can’t.  The socialist polices enacted to pay public workers large pensions just doesn’t make economic sense—large governments where they are the primary employer just don’t work.  Marx was an idiot and sadly, too many people are learning that too late. 

Believe me, I’ll be around to remind everyone that I told you so.  You should have listened to me and many others ten years ago. 

This is exactly why we have guns in America folks.  Corrupt politicians, socialists money grabbers, and poor leftist philosophies gone bad.

Rich Hoffman


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