Read the Benghazi Committee Report Here: The conclusion, the political left should move to Europe–they don’t belong here

I didn’t comment right away on the Benghazi Committee report released on June 28th 2016, because I wanted to read the report first.  So I took a good part of the day to read it, all 800 pages. I read a lot, it took me many hours, but it was worth it.  Sadly, most of the news agencies out there, including the AP wire published their responses within minutes of Trey Gowdy’s release of all their hard work. The press’s main concern was in insuring that Hillary Clinton was off the hook so that the report wouldn’t harm her run for the American presidency.  I would urge you dear reader to go through that report for yourself.  The link is below.  I would also urge you to listen to the Rush Limbaugh podcast which occurred during the release.  It was a good show that describes very acutely the current dramatic split between the American political right, and the global oriented political left.  The two are not compatible and the evidence is rather grotesque.  Do yourself a favor, read the report, listen to the entire Rush Limbaugh episode, and consider where you stand in it all.

My take on the report is that it shows just how terrible political correctness has become in American politics.  Our military was ineffective and entirely too concerned about what Libya might think of their presence.  Clinton’s foreign policy as Secretary of State for the Obama administration was terrible.  Obama himself with Leon Panetta totally mismanaged the entire situation and people died.  Libya was their creation, the anxiety was the result of their doing, everything about the entire situation was a result of failed leftist policy led by the Obama administration.   I can’t say that what they did was malicious.  After reading the Benghazi report it is obvious that a lot of people had good intentions, including Obama’s people, but that they were just too stupid to conduct the situation correctly and what we have learned is that those types of people should be removed from all government positions.  I don’t think they can even live correctly in America because they don’t value it, and therefore cannot do what is necessary every day to keep it a great place to live.  In other words if the god damn hippies of yesteryear want to smoke pot and life in a welfare state, they should move to Amsterdam.  They should not expect to transform America into some European hell hole.  If they want to change America into something else, they should leave.  We’d all be happier living apart from each other.

We are at an impasse in America that is quite different from any other period in history.  Even during the Revolutionary War, the Patriots had things in common with the Tories—they at least shared a love for the homeland.  They both wanted to live a good life. Most of them shared a common religion and could at least be civil to one another while at the local tavern.  During the Civil War, the North and the South were both descendents of the brave people who settled America from Europe.   They wanted a good life, but disagreed over the issue of slavery—which evolved under the American Constitution.  After the war, the two sides were able to reconcile to some extent and continue building the greatest nation on earth.  But now, the difference between the traditional conservatives and the globalist liberals are too great.  The two sides do not share much of anything.  One side wants to preserve the greatness of America, the other side wants to steal it away and give it away to the rest of the world only to be consumed like a log on a raging fire—lost forever after the violence of initial heat has died.

It is obvious that we are at war and only one side can stay in the United States.  The two political philosophies cannot share the government oversight of a strong nation–because they are too divided on basic values.  The people who quickly rushed to judgment about this Benghazi report seeking to protect Hillary Clinton for purely ideological reasons are the enemy.  They are the domestic enemies that we all swear to protect America from and they are here, in our schools teaching our kids, they are running our institutions, they run our government, and they are running our media from entertainment, music, and the press.  They are here to destroy our nation and their handiwork is all over the Benghazi report.  What happened in Libya is what we are all headed for.  They don’t belong in America.  They’d be happier in Europe so it’s probably time we force them to leave our shores for our own preservation so they can live among others of their own kind.  There is no middle ground on this issue.  The political right and the left cannot live together.  That is what I learned by reading the Benghazi Committee report.

Rich Hoffman


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