Larry Nichols Opinion on the Clinton/Lynch Meeting: Putting it on paper to avoid criminal prosecution

Alex Jones often gets tossed into the conspiracy theory category by his enemies, which he often solidifies by being too emotional about issues.  However, he does hit journalistic stories honestly and the way the 1st Amendment was intended which makes him a breath of fresh air regarding the Hillary Clinton grip on the media that she dominates to protect her many illegal activities during a lustful lifelong climb toward power.   His Friday July 1st 2016 show was particularly good involving the criminal nature of the most recent Hillary Clinton case.  For those wondering what all the fuss is about regarding the attempted secret meeting between Attorney General Lynch and Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton the below video will educate you vastly.

One of the most interesting aspects of the video was the interview with Larry Nichols who used to work for the Clintons and knows how they operate.  In a lot of ways he helped write the playbook of their criminal lives, so he is best positioned to describe what the content of the meeting between Lynch and Clinton entailed.  In essence, Larry suggested that the Clintons had dug up dirt on the FBI investigators which were put on the Hillary Clinton case because they had weaknesses that would be easy to exploit later and Bill had put those on a paper for his former appointee to use to get his wife out of the detrimental email investigation which would threaten her run for president.  In exchange, Loretta Elizabeth Lynch would gain a continuation of her job as Attorney General during the Hillary Clinton presidency.  Of course none of this was said through any electronic exchange and no words were spoken for even them to hear.  The paper was burnt after it was shown to Loretta giving both Bill and the AG deniability of evidence in the future.  Sure it was all illegal, but these are the people who make the law—so they figure they can do whatever they want—the old Marxist motto—“the end justifies the means” was never truer with these bad people.

These are criminals running for office and they need to be stopped hopefully with an election, but if that doesn’t work, then other means will become necessary.  These are bad people and they belong in jail.  If you watch the whole Alex Jones episode, you’ll learn facts about this case that nobody else is covering.  So learn what you can and pass it to a friend.  Alex is the leader of the Hillary for Prison movement, and he is one of the few in the media gutsy enough to take on the Clinton machine.  He deserves the credit for some good work done to educate the public about the menace that is Hillary Clinton.

Rich Hoffman


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