Watch ’13 Hours’: Hillary Clinton’s epic mistake and the many lives she ruined forever

One of the things you should be thinking about during the Fourth of July 2016 and thereafter is what freedom costs, and what it produces.  One of the best ways to understand the character of Americans produced under the banner of freedom is to watch war movies that are rooted in truth, like We Were Soldiers by Mel Gibson, American Sniper, and of course the very relevant 13 Hours—which has Hillary Clinton’s name all over it as far as a resume.  As we blast of our fireworks and celebrate our independence obviously rooted in sheer defiance I wish that American ideas of freedom were in every home around the world so that other people could produce the type of men that were displayed in Michael Bay’s 13 Hours.

Do yourself a favor, watch 13 Hours and recommend it to someone you care about, no matter where they live in the world.  Without America’s influence in faraway lands like Libya, the world is an armpit.  I’ve traveled around the world and witnessed many cultures, and studied many that are no longer around and without dispute America is the best and the people of the world deserve much better than they have now.

But the most important thing to take away from 13 Hours is the sheer incompetence of the Barack Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints all over it, from positioning Ambassador Chris Stevens in harm’s way to lying about the motivation of the terrorists to the public in the days after.  If Clinton were a normal human being she would retire in shame after the whole Benghazi incident happened on her watch under her guidance.  I don’t think she deliberately stoked the fires of terrorism to kill Ambassador Stevens or anything like that, but she clearly mismanaged the situation.  Even though the film never names her directly, the people at the heart of the storm in 13 Hours were clearly victims of sheer incompetence.  Hillary should have resigned over the incident and Obama should not have been re-elected.  However, to protect their political careers, both Clinton and Obama lied about the motivations and the danger—then attacked anybody who wanted to look into what went wrong as a conspiracy theorist.  They fought against the congressional investigation which just wrapped up this past week, intensely.  Read it for yourself by CLICKING HERE.  Our Fourth of July is a reminder of what makes Americans special to begin with.  When our government goes bad we have mechanisms in place to remove those failures and our fireworks customs are reminders of that back-pocket trait.  The primary reason we all must protect the freedom to arms in America is because we could easily find ourselves in our own version of 13 Hours from our homes under incompetent government led by people like Hillary Clinton.

One thing that really surprised me about 13 Hours was how many people were actually involved, and how many casualties there were.  The firefight between the CIA and the contractors who starred in the film was intense all through the film.  That wasn’t reported on the news.  Much of what happened in Benghazi wasn’t reported by even conservative outlets.  Even Fox News let Hillary Clinton off too easy for her role in the whole event.  It is unbelievable that only three years later that idiot was running for President of the United States.  If she were human, she wouldn’t show her face in public and would stay into hiding for the rest of her life licking her wounds.  After watching 13 Hours, Hillary isn’t qualified for POTUS just because of Benghazi, not to mention the long list of other problems she has.  Over this past weekend the FBI had to have a meeting with her regarding her email server, which was illegally set up and exposed sensitive material to villains while she was running the Benghazi debacle as Secretary of State.  The list is long with Clinton.  She is a reminder of why we cannot trust government blindly and why we must keep our guns close.  We give idiots like Hillary Clinton some power and if she turns that power against us to protect her career—then we have to take that power away from her at some point.  The fact that she’s running for POTUS after her embarrassing stint as a Secretary of State for Barack Obama says everything.

I watched 13 Hours with my family the night before the Fourth of July.  I thought it would be good, but I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was.  Every single American should watch it.  It’s really easy; I rented it off the Playstation Store.  It was only ten years ago when my family would make a similar trip to Blockbuster Video to rent movies we didn’t catch at the theater.  Now we just rent them at home and directly download them to watch without even getting out of our chairs.  13 Hours is also available as a MOD on cable and the DVD/Blue Ray is out anywhere that those types of things are offered, which is just about everywhere.  After watching the movie, I’d recommend buying it for a home collection.  It was good enough.  I will definitely want to watch it again.  Regardless, there is no excuse for not seeing the movie.  It’s easy to get and it’s good enough to block a few hours out of your day to see.  It is the perfect thing to watch as a family before shooting off Fourth of July fireworks.  Freedom wasn’t fought for once over 200 years ago and that’s all we celebrate.  It is fought for every day by you, me, and those fine people in 13 Hours.  Being an American is a special thing and the world does need our influence.  Without that influence, the tribes of losers around the world that wants to yank their people back to the Stone Age is prevalent.  So it’s not just us we protect—we are the beacon of light that the world must yearn for.  Without guns and the bravery of the type of people born and raised under the opportunities that freedom creates—idiots like Hillary Clinton run the world and when they mess up, lots of people suffer as they did from all sides in Benghazi.

I highly recommend 13 Hours.  You should watch it without haste and come to terms with what it says about our modern government—which ended up embarrassing me more than I already was.  The film wasn’t just a story about the six guys featured in the firefight at the Annex, it had a lot of others connected who could have provided contrary information if the film wasn’t true. But they didn’t—because they couldn’t.  If you really want to know how bad it is out there, then 13 Hours is the place to start.  It really was the start of ISIS because once America withdrew from that region after Benghazi the rebels who had been getting weapons from the United States through the black market provided by our government to overthrow all the dictators around the Middle East organized to create ISIS—to perpetuate a global caliphate.  Just two days before the Fourth of July celebrations in America during 2016 ISIS attacked innocent people in Bangladesh.  Hillary’s mismanagement at Benghazi not only unleashed ISIS that evening, but it opened the lid of terrorism that America had carefully been trying to contain for three decades with a naive notion motivated by John Lennon song’s about a global world united by love and pot smoke.  What she and Obama got was a world being pulled back into the Middle Ages once American freedom was pushed out of the region—and many more people suffered.  And it’s time that people understand the situation for what it is.

Watch the videos of this article carefully and consider what is at stake during this upcoming election.  And make sure to share this with someone you care about.

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “Watch ’13 Hours’: Hillary Clinton’s epic mistake and the many lives she ruined forever

  1. Brett Baier of Foxnews had a terrific interview with three of the guys who were involved with Banghazi. You could tell he was constantly surprised and stunned by their revelations.


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