Donald Trump’s Visit to Sharonville, Ohio: No more lawyers in the executive branch of government

82ec8f7b-053f-4ca2-bb6b-c9b02ef7d471A lot changed since March 15th 2016, when Donald Trump last came to Ohio for a rally.  Then he came to West Chester in a drizzling rain and was about an hour late arriving from his plane as we all waited patiently from a previous stop earlier in the day.  He was only a primary candidate then with still Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich in the way of the Republican Party nomination.  Just a few months later he returned to a venue just a few miles to the south of West Chester in Sharonville to the Convention Center.  As I stood with my wife shaking the hands and talking a bit with Donald Trump and Newt Gringrich I couldn’t help but reflect that just 30 years prior I had spent many nights working in the exact spot where my feet were standing at the old jewel of Cincinnati, the Chinese restaurant Emperor’s Wok as a busboy.  Not long after I moved on to bigger things the restaurant closed—which had been noted as the best decorated establishment in all of Cincinnati at the time.  It was a first class place that died by the end of the 1980s.  The Sharonville Convention Center was built upon its ruins and years later I was able to return to the spot of my youth to meet two of the most powerful men in the world on a quest to save America from the diabolical menace known as Crooked Hillary Clinton.

As the crowd gathered and I was escorted to my spot at Trump’s answer to a visit by Hillary Clinton a week prior to Cincinnati which was held at Union Terminal (CLICK TO REVIEW) the Attorney General fresh from her secret visit with Bill Clinton announced that she would accept the recommendations of the FBI that no charges would be established against the Democratic presidential candidate after the head of the FBI, Director Comey listed multiple reasons why prosecution and eventual jail time was perfectly justifiable—the temper of the Trump fans was brewing.  We were all being lied to by our government for the purpose of power acquisition and it was happening right in front of our faces.  As we all read the report by the AG on our smart phones, the crowd behind me stirred into a slow boil that would spill over often during Trump’s speech.194b097d-a064-4e1f-b44d-f684b16d6d24

Just a few hours prior I had a meeting with an attorney over a business matter and as I looked over the charges it was obvious that the cost of legal counsel was another rigged system.  In this day and age attorneys are a necessary evil—most of our laws have been written by their kind, and what they put down on paper are things only they understand—which defy conventional reading comprehension.  They do that so that you have to use their services and to me they are all just glorified whores tweaking the legal system to protect their livelihoods.  So I already don’t have much respect for people like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and Barack Obama who are all lawyer types who behave like the lawyer I was dealing with—overpriced scam artists who will charge you for even small talk about the weather.  They are all second handers who make their livings as parasites off industry then seek to take it over once you’ve done all the hard work.  If people didn’t go out there and build things—or do things—lawyers would have nothing to do.  They require others to do things before they can do anything in life.  They don’t produce anything which is why Hillary Clinton has never done anything but suck off other people’s efforts her entire life.  So as I read the report of the AG, while waiting for Trump to come out and talk in Sharonville, the problem was obvious to me, we shouldn’t elect any more lawyers to the Executive Branch of our government.  I think lawyers are OK in the House and Senate where laws are actually written, but the President of the United States should be a different sort of character.  They should not be by the nature of their professions second handers—but people of industry who have made their livings producing things.  And right now, there isn’t a better example of that anywhere but in Donald Trump.0e12c680-6a6f-41c5-8342-9c23b6e8fa05

I have watched quite a few Trump speeches—including the one that had been in West Chester months prior—and this one in Sharonville was different.  Trump had shifted into a new gear and was much more casual than usual.  His jokes and free flow style of talking was much more exacerbated as I found myself laughing openly.  The secret service in front of me have a responsibility to be absolutely stoic as they scan the audience for trouble and even they a couple of times looked as if they were struggling to avoid cracking a smile at Trump’s utterances.  We all know how corrupt Hillary Clinton is so the writing was clear to see and Trump hit the perfect stride in exposing it.  It was obvious to everyone that Trump was the right person to be the next President of the United States.e82fe6e4-4da8-4d62-88fd-16d77ad215e2

I have to thank the people who made it possible for my wife to meet Donald Trump.  I don’t get too wrapped up in celebrity, and neither does she.  But she wanted to thank him for giving our nation this opportunity for a different kind of president and she and he actually exchanged a few nice words to each other which is something I know she takes quite serious.  We both know the implications of this 2016 election.  Being married to me she can’t help but get the spillover of my life into hers so she sees things that are certainly uglier than normal people might experience. She also knows how tough it is to put yourself out there the way Trump has.  She felt compelled to tell him that she was thankful that he was willing to do the job—because honestly, he could choose to do what everyone else in his position does—enjoy the good life and retire into the sunset.e122de1c-acba-4b21-8040-5171abc8b754

Trump however is a warrior at heart—and I understand that.  It is even more obvious in personal meetings.  Comfort is not how warriors are wired.  They like conflict and they insist to be involved in the action wherever trouble reveals itself.  Trump was in his element in Cincinnati because Hillary had spent the entire day deflecting away from her FBI troubles attempting to show business failures in Trump’s Atlantic City investments.  She came out sounding like a lawyer defending a murderer with blood still on their hands in court.  She sounded like an idiot and it provoked Trump into attack mode where he is most happy.  Trump as a producer in life employs lawyers to do work for him.  Lawyers don’t hire Trump.  That is the biggest difference in this campaign for a change.  The biggest problems with Hillary and her gang of corrupt government thugs is that they are all second handers attempting to look like producers.  Trump obviously understands this discrepancy and it was reflected in his speech.  The campaign for presidency shifted gears in Cincinnati on June 6th, 2016.  By the time I was able to shake Newt’s hand the body language of everyone around Trump shifted dramatically from the last time I saw them.  They acted like a football team with a big lead in the fourth quarter who knew they could win against an inferior opponent.  Hillary is an incredibly flawed candidate who just got caught under a FBI probe not only in criminal conduct but in helping rig the system in her favor through lawyerly tricks—and that is easy prey for Donald Trump.5d2a413c-48d9-448d-9360-f753ab3dcb4e

By happenstance of fate—because of my days of working at the old Emperor’s Wok I knew a few tricks in getting around that part of town.  Where I had parked was in the back of the convention center and down the road a bit.  I remembered that one of the cooks who had been a friend of mine in the 80s straight from China was apprehended in the apartments behind the old Wok and deported as an illegal alien.  Even though I liked the guy, he was here illegally and I never questioned what happened to him because he knew the risks.  But because he was always hiding from the law, I knew of a few places that still existed where I parked.  Ironically, that took me right to the route the Secret Service had mapped out for Donald Trump’s exit so I was able to get a picture of the car he was leaving in.  It was very surreal for me because I remember how it looked when my friend was arrested; there were police cars everywhere and helicopters flying overhead when immigration officers raided his apartment.  And now exactly 30 years later it looked pretty much the same—the street was shut down, helicopters were positioned above looking for trouble on the ground and police were everywhere.  But while my friend was sent to jail, then deported, Trump was going toward a different kind of fate.  Sometimes change is for the better.  The Sharonville Convention Center is better than the old Emperor’s Wok.  One was a building in gradual decline; the other represents the resurgence of economic viability.  And my friend from back then was here as an illegal alien mismanaged by years of lawyerly conduct by politicians.  Now Donald Trump is volunteering himself as a supermanager to go to the White House and fix all these messes once and for all—as a producer.  As Trump drove by he waved—not as a politician, but as a guy who looked as though he appreciated that people valued what he was doing.  My wife certainly made it clear to him that she did.  We are all ships that pass on the open waters of productivity—and now we are at war for our very lives.  We all have a job to do and it was truly nice for a change to see real people doing it—as opposed to the political hacks created by lawyers to suck off the system until there was nothing left. Trump’s visit to Sharonville was wonderful.

Rich Hoffman


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