Hillary Clinton is Guilty as HELL: Rudy Giuliani explains how his former assistant screwed up the case

Hillary Clinton is guilty as hell.  For the specifics of why, watch Rudy Giuliani speak on Fox News about how his former assistant, James Comey—Director of the FBI was wrong in not bringing charges against the vile criminal, presidential candidate, and former secretary of state who caused the debacle seen in the movie, 13 Hours.

 Comey was caught between a rock and a hard place.  He put the case out for prosecution, but also understands that the powers that control his job want Hillary to be the president and those powers will go to the extent to kill those in their way.  Just watch Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie, Hillary’s America coming out in theaters soon to see evidence of that.  Comey certainly put politics into his decision—likely for self preservation.  But without doubt, Hillary Clinton is guilty and is incompetent to hold any public office, especially the POTUS position.  Comey was weak—but the facts are self evident.

Pass this along to a friend and educate them.

Rich Hoffman


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