Obama’s Muslim Roots: The hybrid church of “God-damn America”

A lot of right thinking people believe there is something wrong with Barack Obama’s roots to Islam.  When he was first elected president discussion about his religious past was forbidden by the press because they wanted a black president at any cost.  They put reason aside and all the facts that were emerging to get him elected.  Well, now in hindsight the cost of that debacle is evident.  I wouldn’t say that Barack Obama is a Muslim, but it is clear that he is sympathetic toward the religion because of his deep family ties to it.  Bill O’Reilly did a good segment on the facts of the matter seen here:

Obama is actually a hybrid of all kinds of screwed up ideas provided to him by his globetrotting, man-jumping mother.  Obama’s childhood was filled with Muslims and as O’Reilly stated, it is obvious that the president is too sympathetic toward the Islamic faith to take decisive actions against ISIS—which is a dereliction of duty.  As an adult, Obama attended the church of Jeremiah Wright’s religion of “god-damn-America” which is a Chicago hybrid of Christianity, Islam and ghetto politics.  It is because of Wright that Obama thinks he can get by with calling himself a Christian.

But his version of it and the rest of America are quite different.  However, Obama wouldn’t know that because he is after all not from here.  He may have been born in Hawaii even though there is still controversy about even that.  Obama was raised in Indonesia by a step-dad who like his actual father was a Muslim.   That is if you believe that his real dad was the man who was married to two women at the same time and not the communist Frank Marshall Davis.  Obama was a screwed up little boy who grew up into a screwed up man whose sympathies toward Islam has helped fuel the rise of ISIS.

And those are the facts.  Pass them along to a friend because Obama has injected himself into the 2016 race, and that makes him fair game once again.

Rich Hoffman


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