If You Vote for Hillary Clinton, You’re Stupid: Listen to the best news coverage anywhere of a very important 2016 week

image1 (3)I watched a lot of news over the last week, mostly by choice.  To me we are at war and I want to know the intelligence of the battlefield movements.  This war we are fighting so far hasn’t turned to guns too much, but it is along ideological elements.  It hasn’t turned grossly violent yet.  It was a big news week around the 4th of July of 2016 and my life has been busy.  I am grateful to the very nice people—and they know who they are—who gave my wife a chance to meet Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich this past week.  She isn’t the type of person who gets glowy eyes for celebrity.  If a star musician stepped up next to her at a shopping mall, she wouldn’t even blink in excitement, but when Trump told her that she was “beautiful,” it made her year (I caught the picture a little late as Donald was moving away from my wife heading to the next person)—so thank you to the people responsible for putting us in that unique position.  I’d also like to thank Linda Hughes at 1600 WAAM radio for all the times she has allowed Matt Clark to have me on during his monumental Saturday afternoon broadcasts.  The broadcast we did on 7-9-2016 I think beat any hour-long news broadcast in the entire country during the entire previous week—and that includes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and all the big radio guys.  Not even Bill O’Reilly nailed down the Hillary Clinton email scandal or the Dallas domestic terrorist issue better than Matt and I did in the following broadcast.  I would recommend that you listen to it dear reader and pass this along to a friend.  Its information critical to the failures of our times by the political left and addresses the necessary steps it will take to correct our path in America for the future.


Because of those frequent broadcasts on WAAM I have a radio studio set up at my house, which I am showing for the first time in pictures taken on July 9th.  For me it is Mt. Olympus, a place of divine philosophy that can reach the far edges of the globe—so I put a little effort into what gets said at that table.  I’ve been to quite a few radio studios over the years, and the one at my house is by far the best—for me.  Everything is clearer from my seat at that table in front of that particular microphone.image1 (2)

As I said on the air, I was watching Barack Obama further embarrass America while giving a speech from Warsaw, Poland.  I had the sound turned down so it wouldn’t get picked up on our WAAM broadcast, but I could read the captions, and the President’s body language.  Obama had his right shoulder pointed toward the audience most of the time with his head cocked slightly to the right in a way that gave away a lot of guilt he was obviously concealing.  That stance is reminiscent of many statues of important people and is a learned behavior that a guilty person falls back on while trying to sell something to others that the perpetrator themselves are trying to buy into.  Essentially, Obama was trying to get himself to buy into what he was selling to the world as he spoke.  He proposed that local police were insufficient, that they needed to be federalized—he proposed gun control measures—and he failed to identify the role he played in the creation of domestic terrorism between the races—which obviously climaxed in Dallas, Texas.image2

What was hilarious if the situation were even funny, was that Obama and his political left proposed more gun control and more federal control when the story they were happy to conceal—which was that Hillary Clinton is in big trouble because she perjured herself in front of congress—revealed during the FBI testimony—and that the government at all levels had proven itself to be completely incompetent.  The political left has their fingerprints all over these issues because they have not allowed Republicans to be a part of the decision-making process.  The only role Republicans have played in all these issues is that they have went along with many of the proposals so not to be called silly names like “racists,” “Nazis,” or “angry white guys.”  Fear of the name calling has forced Republicans to cave on almost every issue the political left has proposed and this is what we get as a government—a mess with various factions in open war with one another and a former Secretary of State who can’t tell the truth about the position of the sun in the sky.  She seems to be willing to lie about anything—and she clearly can’t be trusted even at a minor level of security—yet she’s running for the most secure position in the entire world.image2 (1)

Matt and I gave what turned out to be one of the most balanced broadcasts in media and I’d attribute it to a couple of things.  Neither Matt nor I make our living off his radio show—so we do it out of passion—purely.  We are doing it because we want to and Linda doesn’t really put pressure on the ratings for that afternoon timeslot—not in the way that larger outlets might be concerned with.  That frees up our minds a lot to be as straight as the truth allows—which we fully utilized.  The second is that I get the opportunity to do things like shake hands with Donald Trump and others—so I can know them on a more personable level which gives me an objectivity that other outlets don’t have.  Like my wife, I am not enamored by celebrity.  Debbie Boehner was standing right next to me the other day, as was Newt Gingrich and the head of the Butler County Republican Party, and to me we are all just people doing our best to do what’s right.  That allows me to listen to them without the tapestry of celebrity which puts what they say in a different realm of communication.  It allows me to then report to a radio audience information in a unique way—where Linda gives Matt a lot of freedom to report on her airwaves and I have life experiences that color the discussion with large doses of reality that is hard to come by.  When those two things come together some good work is done and I am particularly proud of our broadcast on July 9th.  In the long history of me doing radio broadcasts over the years, that show will go down as one of my favorites.image3

I propose working through problems with the First Amendment before resorting to the 2nd.  That kid in Dallas let the hate of race baiters heckle him into action against white police officers and he was wrong.  The media were wrong for stoking the flames which caused that kid to act and Obama set the table for everyone way back when he declared that Trayvon Martin could have been his son.  To hide his guilt in feeding the frenzy that is causing all the racial anxiety, Barack Obama suggested more gun control and insisted that the answer was in more federal control of people’s lives.  Yet just days prior, Hillary Clinton–who is running for president of the United States, was revealed to be grossly incompetent in her handling of her email situation—which was revealed as a result of the Benghazi hearings of a few years before.  During the FBI revelation of their findings it was discovered that Clinton had perjured herself during those same Benghazi hearings—so the revelation was that Hillary was not only stupid, but she was in fact a criminal who will be certainly facing jail time because of that crime alone—not to mention all the crimes she has not been caught yet with.   And those are the facts which Matt and I weaved into a simple hour-long broadcast.  I dare anybody in media anywhere to do better.  I bet they can’t.image4

Now, about some of the Trump rally pictures above, which were taken during the Cincinnati rally on July 6th.  At the end Newt came up to my wife specifically, it was just the two of them alone for a moment, and she shook his hand politely but quickly turned away from him leaving it to me to do a little clean up.  We watch Gingrich almost every night on Fox News so he certainly has celebrity appeal, and most people would be proud to have their picture standing next to such a person.  Well, my wife and I don’t do that.  In truth, my wife isn’t sold on Gingrich as she does not like the way he has handled his personal life on a few occasions.  She felt the same way about Donald Trump for a long time.  If not for the quality of Melania Trump and Trump’s daughter Ivanka, my wife would not be on the Trump train.  So she needs some time to get used to Newt Gingrich being with Donald Trump.  She almost turned down a V.I.P. invite just because she didn’t want to see Newt Gingrich or our local celebrity Sheriff Jones in person.  (She feels Jones doesn’t do enough to rid Butler County of drugs which is her issue with him).  Newt obviously felt strange when my wife shook his hand then turned away quickly leaving him standing there all by himself.  I was laughing because I knew what she was thinking and I also knew how Newt took it so I snapped a quick picture which is the closest thing to posing with a celebrity that you’ll get from my wife—or I for that matter.   I quickly stepped up to Newt and shook his hand to take away the awkwardness and get him back on track—because for him it was tough to work a V.I.P. line and have the first person you stepped up to reject you with a cold fish handshake.  I think that perspective is one of the reasons that Matt and I do so well together.  We can’t do it all the time, because we are both very busy people professionally.  But we do it often enough to make a difference.  And the audience of his radio broadcasts is the direct benefactor.  So use them accordingly and with a nod of appreciation.  They are truly unique broadcasts.

Rich Hoffman


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    1. That’s the name of the game. What’s best is that he raise several hundred million in small donations as opposed to the big single contributors. The other side cares about those types of things greatly.


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