Weakness Arouses Evil: Ivanka Trump for first woman president in 2032

Really, if everyone would just shut up and listen to me, they’d be a lot better off.  I can’t tell you dear reader how many times over the last year that I’ve had to explain why I supported Donald Trump for president.  The acceptance speech by Mike Pence for the VP slot says everything I’ve been telling people about how a Trump administration would look.  The speech below is exactly why I felt I didn’t need to write any more daily articles on this site, and why I predicted on a recent radio show that the Democratic Party would soon become extinct—by 2020.  What we’ve had as a governing management system—since really 2004 has been pathetic.  Embarrassing really for the greatest country on earth—likely in this solar system—perhaps even in this part of the galaxy—it is only logical that people would want to fix such a broken quandary.  Trump is used to succeeding and finding the right people for the right jobs.  His selection of the Tea Party firebrand Mike Pence, the very successful governor of Indiana, as his vice presidential running mate is just a sign of things to come.  So I am quite happy about the following speech.  Even happier that Pence actually said very well, that most of the problems we are seeing around the world today whether the issue is foreign or domestic terrorism is that it is caused by a weakness that “arouses” evil.  I thought that was probably the best way to describe 2016 politics that I’ve heard to date.

For those who thought Trump wasn’t conservative enough socially—look what he’s done.  The pick of Pence certainly puts that issue to bed and provides a nice foundation for a very long Republican run in the White House which is why Democrats are literally crapping all over themselves at this precise moment.  I have said for a long time that I thought Trump would take eight years to fix everything up in the country from an executive branch point of view then someone like Ted Cruz would run in 2024 and be a kind of Calvin Coolidge president for another eight years.  I think that Trump is even setting this up even further and I’ll go ahead and say it.  I think that the 2024 ticket will be Pence/Trump but this time it will be his daughter Ivanka who will be the VP nominee.  And in 2032, Ivanka will be the first woman president of the United States.  By that time we will have put people on mars, completely overhauled our education and medical systems, and will have projected explosive economic growth the likes that the world has never seen before.  And I think the Trumps will play a part in politics for the next fifty years—and there will be a hefty wall on the Mexican border that will be a decade old by that time with them begging America for Puerto Rico statehood status—because their social justice liberalism had wreaked their economy beyond help.  The wall will take away the blending that is currently going on which seeks to hide the complete failures of their liberal Mexican revolution of Marxism  which took place at the start of the 20th Century.

What the Trump/Pence ticket now provides if it succeeds in November is a real plan forward—and why shouldn’t it—the Democrats are literally putting up a criminal who is excessively vulnerable.  I know the media is projecting a close race, and people really can’t take anything for granted—they have to go out and vote for Trump—but I just don’t see being so stupid as to vote for an obvious criminal in the White House knowing what we do at this point.  In the past there has been speculation about Bill Clinton and his medical records—and Obama and the country of his birth—his ties to actual domestic terrorists and the Islamic faith—but with Hillary, we have the facts well before hand and she really can’t defend them on her own.  Trump will literally destroy her career in their first debate when they face off with each other.  I have serious doubts she’ll be able to show her face in public after the humiliation she will endure this upcoming fall.  And it’s not that Trump has to be mean to her.  It’s just that when you put someone with competence up next to an idiot on stage—it will be easy.  We really haven’t had that kind of thing before with any Republican, except for a little bit with Reagan.  The timidity of Republicans has often made the Democrats look brilliant.  But that is not to say that the Democrats were actually qualified—they were just allowed to appear equal.  With Trump and Pence running the ticket—Democrats have a lot to be afraid of.

The future looks very bright and Pence is just the start.  I called it a long time ago and now I’m telling you dear reader what the future holds if you’ll do your part.  By the time Pence finishes his term as president—16 years from now and Ivanka takes over we could erase our national debt, expand America’s economic influence to regions of the world deprived of resources and end all this terrorist nonsense with good conservative value that is so badly needed around the globe.  There may even be a Disneyland in Siberia by the time it’s all said and done—just watch.  As America succeeds, so goes the world and under Trump I predict explosive economic growth—in the teens actually—and it all starts with the basic understanding that evil is aroused by weakness.  With a strong executive branch in America, evil won’t have anywhere to hide and it certainly won’t be aroused.  And for the first time in any of our lifetimes—we will get to see the immense power and influence a strong America has on the weak and destitute—saving them from the crack where evil hides once and for all.

Rich Hoffman


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