NOW THIS IS AN ENTRANCE: A Daring new Republican Party


Now this is the way an American president should enter an RNC convention—and this is also how a first lady should look and behave.  This is what I expect out of my representatives and why I have been for Donald Trump from the start.  But the important stuff that has been happening has not been part of most of the media broadcasts and many of them involve the Alex Jones portion of the Republican Party.  Probably the two best things from day one of the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio 2016 was the “Hillary For Prison” banner flying over the entire city and Jones confronting establishment Bush Republican, Karl Rove at the airport baggage claim—who has been anti-Trump fervently.

Then of course there is Dinesh D’Souza showing off his new movie, Hillary’s America and suddenly as you look around the convention and it is obvious that Republicans are finally starting to stick up for themselves—and that is what the media is not reporting on any outlet.  It starts with Trump’s entrance on stage and ends with people like Alex Jones fighting with Karl Rove at the airport.  So here are some videos of that first day which paints a picture everyone should see of a new Republican Party emerging with a vengeance.

Rich Hoffman


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