Ben Carson’s RNC Speech: He was historically correct to tie Hillary Clinton to Lucifer

It is unbelievable that so many establishment types had a hard time with Ben Carson’s speech at the RNC in Cleveland where he tied Hillary Clinton to Lucifer.  I think I was most baffled by Dana Parino from Fox News who thought it was an “over-the-top” comparison.   No wonder Republicans have been losing to the inferior philosophical outlook of the political left for such a long time—because they avoid confronting evil even in words and deeds.  There was nothing “inflammatory” or “conspiratorial” about what Ben Carson said—everything is factually based.  Watch for yourself.

It is true that Hillary idolized Saul Alinsky and wrote here college thesis on the radical leftist who did indeed study his methods of organizing change agents from within the ranks of Al Capone’s criminal empire.  His associations with known mobsters led to his pinnacle work—the Democratic handbook, Rules for Radicals which Hillary was very enchanted with—and on the dedication page, Alinsky did dedicate the book to Lucifer—literally.  The book was forged from evil and organized crime.  Fact. There is nothing “inflammatory” about it such a statement.  It’s all true.  You’d think that even Republican insiders who actually have worked in the White House would know that.  But what they do when they criticize Carson for bringing up such an extraordinary fact about a person running for president of the United States is they play right into the methods Saul Alinsky taught his students—that the best way for evil to thrive is to force good people to shut up and sit down with all known methods of coercion—which is how the mob operated for years—and still does in some places.

Ben did a good job in bringing up the Hillary comparison to Lucifer at the RNC because it is relevant to this situation.  The first method of breaking an addiction is in admitting that you have a problem.   Republicans have been addicted to losing for a long time to the sheer face of evil—by not challenging that evil when confronted with it.  Republicans have turned away from the workings of evil like timid varmints about to be consumed by a vile snake trapped on a high perch for which they can never step off to escape.  The snake knows that Republicans cannot step off their high ground so they use that fear to control the thinking of Republicans and have used that strategic imposition to essentially spread evil in the vacancy of justice.  That is essentially what Rules for Radicals teaches and what more could you expect from a book dedicated to Lucifer.

Rich Hoffman


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