The Little Scum Bag Bill Maher: Listen to him make fun of the Trump kids

Listen to this scum bag, long-nosed, douche bag, little prick Bill Maher make fun of Donald Trump and his children.  These are the type of people who are ruining America in favor of a progressive vision rooted in European secularism.  He is such a little piece of scum who has done nothing in his life of any meaning except host a television show that he landed so that he could advance a progressive agenda.  He’s a professional whiner who could be beaten down so easily physically or intellectually and the only reason he runs his mouth is because everyone has been too polite to stoop to his level.  But if he ever comes my way, I’d be happy to take his little bitch ass on in any form he chooses.  People like this are the worst kind of loser.  He doesn’t deserve to live in the United States.

And that bitch interviewing him is probably a school levy supporter and anyone who reads here often knows what that means, “a latté sipping prostitute with the ass the size of car tires and………………….” well, you know the rest.

How about it “Little Bill?”  Does your little 5′ 6″ ass feel up to it, bitch?  Punk………..

Rich Hoffman


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4 thoughts on “The Little Scum Bag Bill Maher: Listen to him make fun of the Trump kids

  1. Ahhhh latte sipping prostitutes and their asses and estrogen…. One of your most epic columns ever….. If I get back into town, we will sit down over a latte!


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