Lock Up Hillary Clinton: Manical motivations of a Saul Alinsky mob inspired psychopath

One of the takeaways from the Republican National Convention in Ohio which obviously scared the national media were the calls from the floor demanding that Hillary Clinton be locked up.  It stunned the mainstreamers that people would actually say such a thing about a rival presidential candidate.  What’s different, and what many of them have not yet admitted to themselves, is that Hillary Clinton is an actual criminal who has been trying to hijack the American government after she worked in the 70s to impeach Richard Nixon.

She is the ultimate latté sipping prostitute—the mad mother who is so power hungry that she wants the top job to run the world like a mob boss, which she learned from her mentor Saul Alinsky.  What the media didn’t know was that Sunday night, before the convention officially started the floor delegates were treated to a special preview of Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie Hillary’s America and that the audience had come to the conclusion upon watching the movie that Hillary should be locked up.  That’s where the chants on the floor came from.  Once millions of people go see the movie for themselves on July 22nd they’ll understand the reason that the delegates were calling for authorities to lock up Hillary Clinton.  She is a criminal, and like Alex Jones says below in an interview with Dinesh—likely a psychopath.

Rich Hoffman


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