The Communist Bastards of America: Bill Maher and Michael Moore predict fearfully that Trump will win presidency

It is important to listen to the other side—these stringy haired, flat-assed, dick head, sons of bitches—these maniacal losers who produce and appear in front of the camera on the show, Real Time With Bill Maher.  During their show which took place after the third night of the Republican National Convention, admitted communists, Bill Maher and Michael Moore predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidency and they showed their fear of what might become of their erosive progressive society.  Personally I hate these people.  It shames me that they breathe the same air that I do—they certainly don’t think the same way.  As miserable as they are, I would suggest that they move to some other country more applicable to their political values, like South Africa.  But since they are fighting for a right to sit at the big table in America and have shown themselves to be domestic terrorists undermining traditional American philosophy—we need to know who we are fighting.  So watch their show and learn who the enemy is.

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “The Communist Bastards of America: Bill Maher and Michael Moore predict fearfully that Trump will win presidency

  1. Nothing more than a push to the progs. Moore doesn’t really believe it, but knows that if the stench of his following see him cave, they’ll ramp up everything. Cloward tactic. For other morons, reverse psychology.

    As far as the total shit down with Ted Cruz last night…man do I love this guy. Bill O’Clinton razed him tonight for his speech. Heads up dumbasses at faux, Don read the speech ahead of time. FOX is so in the tank for this guy. And as for Trump???, Payback for shutting down Mike Lees mic when they had a valid petition and ordering unlawful tax payer feds to do it. I guess “rigged” is only for the other side right Don? Crooked Don?
    Then your thugs threatened his wife AGAIN last night screaming Goldman Sacs. Um…Isn’t your finance director a Goldman guy? Yes. Yes he is. So much not being reported…make me ill.
    The one human he could never, EVER debate and win is Judge Napalitano.
    Another election where I’m fucked. And so is America.


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