Finally Sticking it to Cenk Uygur: The fight from top to bottom and suddenly we are winning

It was wonderful for me to watch the battle between Republicans and Democrats at the RNC in Cleveland.  It was as if my many words here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom over the years finally emerged into action by several people at the highest and lowest levels of the war we have fighting.  Finally, conservatives–or at least those voting for the Republican Party under the banner of Donald Trump—are fighting back—and they are winning.

As Donald Trump gave what I thought was an epic speech taking on global intrusions against American sovereignty, Alex Jones and the former campaign manager for Trump—Roger Stone, crashed the set of the vile liberal show Young Turks.  I really hate those guys—especially that loser progressive Cenk Uygur who has made fun of my brand of conservatism for years without being checked for it.  Those days are over.  Watch this!

It is nice to finally see other people joining, and winning at this fight.  Now all you have to do is join it!  I’ve been here for a long time.  Finally, it’s a winning position and that is a big first step into solving a lot of problems.

Rich Hoffman


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