Review of ‘Hillary’s America’: Making November 7th 2016 the worst day of her entire life

There wasn’t much for me to learn from Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, Hillary’s America—because I’ve read most everything in it at some time or another.  It was however interesting how it was assembled with a vengeance by D’Souza who had recently been convicted of a minor crime that put him under lock-up in a minimum security correctional facility.  Unlike his past work Dinesh doesn’t even attempt to be neutral in his journalistic approach.  Basically, and I agree with him, you are either a Republican or you are assisting evil in perpetuating death and destruction across planet earth.  There is no middle ground—we either beat them at the ballot box so to save mankind from a reversal into chaos at the hands of government aristocrats in charge of everything—or we will have them putting us in jail if we don’t give them all our money and resources—because they are professional “white collar” thieves.  I do not believe the two sides—the democrats and the republicans, can live together within one society because they are philosophically too far apart intellectually.  And that is what Dinesh D’Souza’s new film showed wonderfully.  Go see it this weekend.  If you’re smart, you’ll finish reading this review in the movie theater waiting for the film to begin.  Go now…………………..what are you waiting for?

The best thing that could happen would be on November 9th 2016, after an embarrassing loss to the Republican Party, Hillary and her misfit criminals within government would have to turn on the television to see the end of their entire party.  They really are a party of thieves, scum bags and literal losers who seek to feed off the good until there is nothing left.  That’s what Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America argues quite effectively and I understood him quite well.  I have quite a lot of old friends who have been incarcerated in a much more severe way that D’Souza had experienced, and I watched what it did to those people—once strong men who were eroded away into nothing by the insulting experience of prison life.  D’Souza was convicted and sentenced because he gave too much money to a friend of his running for political office.  It was a relatively innocent crime that was a minor misunderstanding of campaign finance law, which is impossible to follow unless you staff a team of lawyers at $400 an hour to watch your back.  It’s a crooked system designed by crooked people and they got more than they bargained for when they locked up the talented writer, debater, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

This movie was written while Dinesh was incarcerated.  Obama’s legal system wanted to punish D’Souza for making the movie, 2012: Obama’s America by locking him up which put the filmmaker face to face with the hardened criminals at the bottom rung of society.  D’Souza having a great mind used that situation to do a lot of research on the Democratic Party and understand the type of people who had sent him to jail.  His experience essentially became the script to the film.

The most powerful part of the movie which was fresh material for me was the section on Saul Alinsky.  I knew the history, I had watched the Playboy interview done the year of his death on YouTube, but I hadn’t really thought much about how that community organizer got his start as a young adult during his college days struggling to rub together a few pennies just to eat.  That name, Alinsky is important because he was the creator of the term, “community organizer” the way that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton understand it—so that makes his view of the world tremendously important.  What hit me hardest in Hillary’s America was that Alinsky invented “community organizing” to essentially eat for free around the Chicago downtown area.  What Saul Alinsky taught others was essentially crime and how to beat the system in mass.  His methods of course were of interest to the mob putting him into a friendship with Frank Nitti who was Al Capone’s second in command.

Thinking of Nitti I couldn’t help but think of the Untouchables movie from the 80s where Elliot Ness faced down these criminals with great struggle to pin anything on them—because they controlled the entire city—from the press, to the police, to the gangs in the streets.  Ness was finally able to get a conviction on Capone for not paying his taxes—which was a far cry from the actual crimes committed—but it was something.  Nitti would later commit suicide shooting himself in the head the day before a scheduled grand jury appearance for mob extortion of the Hollywood film industry—which he was guilty of.  If not for the pressure of law and order, Nitti would have continued to be the type of person that Saul Alinsky admired and befriended.  But given the impending doom of a righteous end to his criminal past Nitti had to kill himself—in a lot of ways just like the Democratic Party which has formed around the same kind of tactics is about to do.  D’Souza captured that part of the film particularly well.  It was information I knew but seeing it play out on-screen with actual actors in simulations brought a level of reality to that knowledge that was fresh for me—and condemning.

The last fifteen minutes of the film it was obvious that D’Souza wants revenge against the Democrats for what they had done to him—which surprised me, because Dinesh is such a mild-mannered intellectual.  He’s not the rebel rouser type, but he obviously meant for this film to be watched on Netflix the night before the big election on November 7th looking to tip the scales with independent voters and solidifying the Republican base effort—to make sure that they don’t stay home like they did in 2012 when Mitt Romney presented such a weak alternative.  Dinesh D’Souza is supporting Trump which also surprised me since many of his close friends are the #NEVERTRUMP types—who I think are losers.  I’ve lost so much respect for so many people over this whole Trump debate within the Republican Party during the last eight months.  But it’s nice to see that D’Souza isn’t one of them.  I arrived at the decision many months back that D’Souza had by the end of Hillary’s America—that Republicans are really the only kind of people who deserve to be called “American.”  Everyone else essentially needs to get with the program—or they need to leave the country.  If on November 9th, voters put an end to the Democratic Party—then justice will be done.  If not, then we are headed for a civil war like what we had in the 1860s.  This election is a divorce.  Republicans and Democrats cannot live together under one flag—because one side has been built around criminal activity and they cannot be trusted.

Hillary has been plotting this power grab her entire life.  She has done a lot of very bad things and she deserves to feel the worst pain imaginable for what her party has intended to inflict on Republicans—in an effort to destroy them. They have come after me in so many ways—I understand the anger D’Souza feels.  He wants blood for what they did to him, and his movie makes the case for it—point for point.  Hillary’s America doesn’t just go after the 2016 presidential candidate, but it hits the entire party for which she leads.  They are criminals on the same scale as Frank Nitti the mob hit man.  The only difference is that their crimes are typically “white collar” and under the protections of the laws they control—so they never get convicted.  They all learned these tactics by Saul Alinsky to essentially steal the value of American effort and erase their own corrupt past by flipping definitions in the 1960s to expand their voter base into black neighborhoods still living in slavery on plantations Democrats built under the welfare model of “The Great Society.”  Democrats capitulated to the Republican Martin Luther King and give him his “Civil Rights” movement so that they could take credit for the effort to erase their own past of racism so to capture the black vote and gain control of the entire nation through open theft.

And that is just something that can never be forgiven.  With that said before we grab our guns and fight these bastards in the streets—we can expect to see Hillary defeated utterly on November 9th 2016.  We should all hope to make her feel far worse than Frank Nitti did the day he committed suicide before the grand jury appearance—because he knew it wouldn’t go well.  Hillary needs to contemplate an end to her own life the day after a humiliating loss to the entire Republican Party.  She deserves it because she has come after people who stand in her way with a furiousness that has built a wall of enemies who only want to see an end to her political life.  They don’t want to work with her.  Dinesh D’Souza doesn’t want to sit at the table with people who support Hillary and Barack Obama and “negotiate with the “mob.”  They put him in jail and would have done worse to him if they could have twisted the law to their needs more than they did.

So D’Souza made a movie arguing the end of the Democratic Party and I don’t blame him a bit.  Every American should see his movie and to focus on giving Hillary Clinton the worst day of her life on November 9th when she has to wake up to a terrible diseased husband who is a sex addict and has embarrassed her during their entire marriage, a family life that is a caricature of progressive hippiedome.  A career built on looting from powerful public occupations, and being at the helm of a sinking ship that goes under water during her time in the big seat—then realizing that as old as she is that there won’t be another chance before she dies an obscure and meaningless death to do it again.  She has planned her whole life to be president of the United States.  She has literally destroyed the lives of people who have put themselves in her way.  And the best justice for her would be to see her weeping uncontrollably after an embarrassing loss only to think about ending it all with her own suicide.  Because that’s what she deserves—and D’Souza made a movie that showed us why.

Rich Hoffman


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4 thoughts on “Review of ‘Hillary’s America’: Making November 7th 2016 the worst day of her entire life

  1. Went yesterday. It was OK. I didn’t learn anything but I am happy to support Dinesh.!
    2016 was far better for me as even though I read The Audacity of Hope after hearing him say he was running on Oprah, I didn’t know his history. Hitlery was alive when the dead sea was only sick. I mean she’s been around for ages, and if you don’t know what this woman really is about…then you’re simply not paying attention. He was very new to the scene as a nothing senator, so his history was fairly unknown. I left that movie with a real sense of despair.
    As far as the history of the dems and progs, I learned about it in civics and when I became active, did a ton of my own homework.
    It’s great if you could show it in screwels. I don’t recommend it for the well read.
    The theater was great but I would never order food again. It was good but I dislike eating a burger in the dark. I would much rather gather around a table and break bread afterwards for discussion. Very expensive, but we knew that going in. Three of the people we were with fell asleep. A testament to the leather recliners and a bit of the movie.


    1. Those are nice seats. It was a movie for the masses. We are a bit further along. But it is doing its job. People are biting into it a bit on the Monday after. Glad you guys were able to go. They show a lot of movies at Cinebistro that are “small market” which I like because you don’t normally get those kinds of films in this area, except at the Esquire every now or then. But it is a very expensive outing. If you take a few people it ends up easily around $500. Eating in the dark is only good when time before or after is tight–which is usually my problem–and that was the case Friday. No time to eat before and no time after–so I like having the option to eat during the previews which is usually dead time. But I understand what you are saying completely.


      1. I’d say we’d go again but theaters go against my grain. Won’t support hollywood. ANY of it. I can’t sit still that long either! Just not my thing. This was the first movie I’d seen since 2016. That’s 4 years. I do recommend the theater though. Really superb. Not sure I could ever go to another if I was a movie goer.
        Glad we didn’t go as the original intended meet up. I’d much rather have the group engaged the whole time we’re together. Maybe one of those nice cafes we saw there. One of them had an upper deck that was beautiful! We’ll make it happen soon. Definitely before the election.


      2. The Kona Grill is very nice. There is a garden on the upper floor of all those middle stores behind that second story. It is one of those neat places. Nice drinks and food up there too. Downstairs is a nice restaurant but upstairs is much more casual.


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