The Corrupt DNC: Looking to divert attention away from their terrible actions

With a lot of pleading by the DNC to keep the protesters at their Philadelphia event appearing somewhat content—so that the “picture” they wanted to paint of a “unified convention could be realized—the obsession they have with criminal and manipulative content cannot be ignored.  They have been busted yet again with Wikileaks revealing 20,000 emails showing how much manipulation they do within the media and how they essentially rig the American election system.  Yet, they are seeking to steer away the attention to the Russians for discovering the information.  The problem for them is that they actually committed the acts—whether it was the Russians or some school kid tucked away in some college dorm who did the hacking is irrelevant.  It is their behavior behind closed doors that matters.  This video shows some of the information that isn’t being covered by the media that is obviously in collusion with the DNC scam—and it needs to be seen by voters.

What this reminds me of is the strategy utilized against all the women Bill Clinton slept with as president.  The DNC has the same approach away from their misconduct toward those simply reporting what they see.  These are bad people who have no place in any office of trust under any circumstance.

Rich Hoffman


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