A Convention Run by Losers: Protesters send DNC into chaos and anger

The news coming out of the DNC convention in Philadelphia is quite extraordinary.  Not only are the democrats in trouble with all the Wikileaks problems that are showing what kind of people they are behind the cameras—forcing resignations and an adherence to an even more progressive platform than any right mind would think is possible—but they are in a state of extreme chaos.  Strangely, the media—even Fox, is avoiding showing much of the trouble—so I am providing videos from the same people who showed the dark side of the RNC convention to expose the DNC. Obviously, the protests and malcontent ratio at the DNC is much, much higher.  Given that Wikileaks is about to unload another barrage of revealing emails about the Clinton Foundation—this convention on only day two is a complete disaster.  There is no way they can recover the momentum they have lost only halfway through.  The public impression has been now cast in stone.

Listening to Bill Clinton’s speech, you can tell they are all guilty when they can’t address the issues directly, but choose some “high road” as a means to defend themselves.  If they weren’t so guilty of so many criminal escapades, they would defend themselves more valiantly, but they can’t, and even the socialists Millennials who were Bernie supporters know it—which is actually quite sad.  For instance, the number one concern that most in the world have right now is ISIS—yet on day one of the DNC convention nobody mentioned it.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg with these idiots.  Obviously I’m not a fan, but even so, it is amazing how jagged their convention is both inside and out.  The videos above show what’s really going on—and not even the national media outlets can avoid the specifics.  Those tricks simply don’t work anymore.  By the end of the week, I don’t see Hillary getting a bump in the polls.  I think she’ll actually lose ground because the idiocy of the DNC convention cannot be ignored.  Normal people are seeing what a bunch of losers are attending and running it—and when you can’t even appease the anarchists and the socialists—you have a real problem if you are the Democratic Party.

Rich Hoffman


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