Annie Oakley 2016: Gery Deer on Living Dayton talking about 14 years of Western Arts Showcasing in Ohio

It’s that time again, and I always enjoy this event—it’s the Annie Oakley Western Showcase.  My good friend Gery Deer did a nice television spot for it on Living Dayton which can be seen below.  I do get involved in a lot of things, I am a professional international manager, a writer, a political “strategist, a new gunfighter (my times are getting there), a big time family man, a videotographer at times, but more than anything I am a bullwhip artist and have spent the last 14 years with Gery Deer helping with the Annie Oakley Days in Greenville, Ohio.   Here is a clip of my performance from 2014 at the Speed Switch competition.

Gery used some of my footage from a recent Western Showcase and the footage looked good spliced in with the live video.  I mainly do the videotography stuff as a side passion—because I make a lot more money at other things.  But I am proud to see some of those skills put to good use.  I tend to get shots that nobody else does, because as an occasional Wild West performer, I know exactly where the knives, hatchets and whips will be, so I can stick my camera in those tough places.  And that made the following clip a bit exceptional.

For those who would like to go, it’s this coming Saturday, 7/30, 2016.  The whip contests are at 1 PM.  Of course I’ll be there—I always am.  It is something that I enjoy a lot and is always a reminder of what America is all about—and I love it.  To find our arena, just listen for the whip cracks.  You can’t miss it.

Rich Hoffman


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