The Sleezy Practice Girl, Elizabeth Banks: Embarrassing herself in hopes of continuing a Hollywood career

Elizabeth Banks forgot to mention the most important attribute to being a Hollywood actress as she told the story during her ridiculous mockery of Donald Trump’s spectacular entrance at the RNC convention.  She spoke about meeting her husband at a Bill Clinton rally, and spoke the talking points about the Democrats being responsible for public schools and other social programs—ironically, the same failures that caused most of the arena to sit there looking at her like they were stoned on pot as she spoke—and caused the Bernie Sanders supporters to actually leave the arena after Hillary was nominated—products of the public school system.  She forgot to mention that to be a successful Hollywood actress you have to be willing to take off your cloths—and be an essentially soft porn model, and you have to be a progressive Democrat—otherwise producers will not hire you for a job if you are a woman—especially over 30 years old.

Her speech and mockery of Trump was so bad that she showed her only real value is to be one of those soft porn actresses for Hollywood productions.  She is like one of those high school practice girls, the sluts that young boys learn sex from—but never want to marry.  Once people no longer want to see her in a sexualized way in Hollywood films—she’s done and she showed that on stage.

Her attempted Trump walk shows she can’t act, not even with satire—and her pandering to the left-leaning Hollywood base will only last as long as the next election.  They will hold it against her later—so she embarrassed herself for nothing, just like the high school slut who gives it all up to some pubescent teenager only to be overlooked for a diamond ring and a shared bed later.  Elizabeth Banks showed herself to be the sleazy Hollywood bimbo that we all know she is.  And she wasn’t even funny.

Rich Hoffman


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