Trump’s Monstrous Press Conference: Getting into the face of the enemy–because it is a war

As I mentioned in a recent article on the upcoming Annie Oakley event, I am involved in a lot of things.  I have a lot of talents—and I know how to use them.  One of those talents is “political consulting,” which I do in a non invasive way–I don’t charge for it.  I get to go to an occasional VIP event and talk to people, but I don’t charge money—because to me we are in a war—it’s not a career move.  I do other things for money—but what I give to the war I think is cheapened by money.

I can’t help but think of the original generals of the Continental Army who often gave of their private fortunes to keep money in the pockets of their soldiers—and I expect the same of myself in this modern fight—which is more with words than bullets.  The very reason Benedict Arnold is considered a disgrace is because he traded his heroics with the rebels, to choose a woman and finance with the British which made him a dismal character in my book.  So I do a lot behind the scenes, and I don’t ask for anything for what I provide—strategically—except for those I give it to–to win.  And I have been saying for a long time what Republicans needed to do to win against Democrats—and few have listened.  Those that have, have won.  Those who haven’t listened experienced the same old lackluster results.  My basic premise has always been this, when you have the moral high ground—use it like a club over those who are intellectually, and morally deficient.  That is why I have been supporting Trump.  So it was enormously refreshing to see Donald Trump’s press conference on 7-27-2016.

It was a brilliant move by Trump, it sucked out all the air from Bill Clinton’s speech the night before and it aired precisely one hour after both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were on the morning shows slamming Trump on foreign affairs—anticipating that the Republican would honor the long-standing ceasefire during political conventions.  Trump didn’t honor that agreement, which is wonderful, and he opened up with both barrels at the stars of the Democratic Party—including Anthony Weiner who had just 12 hours prior was attempting to pick a fight with Donald Trump Jr., who emerged last week as a very capable potential political rival.  The Democrats really thought they’d get a chance to take some cheap shots without a response from the Republicans—as things have been in the past.  This is what I had to say on Twitter about Anthony Weiner—so it was great to see Trump defend his son quickly, and decisively.

You don’t win these things against vile people playing nice.  I will say it again whether we are talking about the presidency, governor races, mayor races, or school board candidates—you have to get into the face of the enemy and spook them into retreat.  And if you make threats be prepared to make good on them.  You cannot yield ground to the vile—because if you do, you empower them to rule over the rest of us—and that is why our republic is in the situation that it is in presently.  It is so good to see that Donald Trump has no problem attacking those he knows are intellectually crippled, and morally reprehensible—and that is a game changer.  That alone is something to get excited about, and believe me, I am.

Rich Hoffman


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