More Wikileaks Troubles for the Democrats: Even ABC News can’t ignore this one

How stupid are the Democrats?  Well, they have a difficulty doing the easy things correctly, and completely ignore the hard stuff—because as a party they lack the skills and leadership to conduct themselves properly.  The only thing they are good at is creating celebrity and charging premium money to raise money for their war chests, which is what the latest round from Wikileaks revealed.  Not even ABC News could sit on this story because it is just so embarrassing for the Democrats.  Watch it here.

I can’t say that the other side doesn’t do similar things.  I have been a part of that world a little bit.  Recently Donald Trump came to town and it cost a sizable amount of money to have dinner with him and I was able to see that close up.  I occasionally get invited to some of these VIP events, and I enjoy them from the perspective of philosophy.  In Trump’s case, it was obvious that he felt uncomfortable with the arrangement—but had come to the conclusion that to a certain extent, this is how the game is played in politics.  With Trump, he genuinely looked hungry to change that system—because the pay to play system is part of what makes politics so despicable.  Once Trump makes the money through fundraising that the Republicans need to hold their seats in the house and senate, he won’t be selling celebrity the way that the Democrats have been caught doing.  He doesn’t need to.

What’s so embarrassing for the Democrats is that they champion themselves as socialist advocates for the poor, but what the recordings show is that they sell access to the largest contributors and they really don’t care about people with hard luck.  I can honestly say because of some of my VIP experiences with Republicans that it’s not the same way with them.  The big difference I think is that most of the people who are Republicans are self-made people who have the type of money to be VIPs.  With Democrats, they tend to have old money, or “lottery money” fueling their efforts—like Hollywood actors, and those who have fallen into financial resources by luck.  So they are quicker and more eager to throw it away on the celebrity of a dinner with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama than Republicans are.  With Republicans the pitch is obviously different—but the effort is disgusting in all of politics and needs to be changed.  That change will never happen under Hillary Clinton.  Under Trump, likely, because he already has all that financial celebrity—meeting him first hand I can say that he doesn’t like that pay to play system of what is supposed to be a representative government. But the Democrats, they love that system because it gives them a value for their lives that they don’t have naturally—and it’s a tremendous ego boost—allowing them to believe they are more valuable than they really are.

That is largely the reason why Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are tone-deaf to the world around them because what they see often are people spending small fortunes just to meet them.  That is the tremendous downside to these Wikileak recordings and why it’s so embarrassing for them.  And for the system to change, you’ll never get that out of the biggest perpetrators of that exploitation.  You have to do something different, and for a change, the Republicans are leading the way.

Rich Hoffman


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