Hillary Clinton’s Disastrous DNC Speech: Progressives do not belong in America

To be fair, not just because when I look at her I see spit—a skanky broken record that looks like a used up K Street whore disguised as a rabbit in that ridiculous white pant suit designed to hide her thunder thighs not from the world, but from herself—but that speech Hillary Clinton gave on the last night of the DNC was one of the worst displays of acting I’ve ever seen.  Not even Morgan Freeman could make it palatable.  It was a professionally written speech by others designed to hide her many crimes—and only the really stupid would believe any of it.  The weakness of Hillary Clinton, which I’m sure Donald Trump will exploit gloriously—is that when she opens her mouth, bad things come out of it.  That broken chicken voice she has comes across like peeled back fingernails across rusty metal sheeting and broken glass.  And what she says sounds like a nightmare against traditional American values.  Yet what cannot be ignored is that many of the problems in the world right now she has had a hand in, and she sold herself as though she could fix everything—when it’s not even believable that she could fix one thing.  A thieving, murdering drunk has more credibility than she does.

There are so many things to hate about Hillary Clinton. Watching her speech, the media covering it, and the idiots crying during it—I came to one conclusion.  America cannot support all ideologies under free speech—it cannot support a world where Republicans and Democrats both live in debate from Capitol Hill and manage the country’s affairs the way that Tipp O’Neal and Ronald Reagan did thirty years ago.  No, there is no getting along with Democrats.  They have to be destroyed within our American borders and sent someplace else for their “progressive” intentions.   That was after all the grossest aspect of Hillary’s speech—where she said she planned to work with both Republicans and Democrats in the house and senate which is a pipe dream without any roots in reality.  Hillary Clinton is one of the most divisive characters in American history, perhaps even more so than Barack Obama and she has no chance of rallying anyone to her cause except those roughly 43% of the population who are so brain-dead from years of pot smoking and welfare addiction that they have lost the ability to think.

What Clinton’s speech showed, which not even Morgan Freeman could hide with his heavenly words—who is known best as the person who made prison sound palatable in the Shawshank Redemption, is that progressives were making a move and hidden behind their last-minute efforts to buy and distribute American flags to the rally goers so they’d look more patriotic on television after Republicans shamed them into doing so—was that the real intention of their movement could be seen outside the arena on the streets of Philadelphia.  There, communist revolutionaries showed their cards and few in the media covered it.  Luckily a few did, which you can see below.  Those are the people of tomorrow and the ones that embody most “Hillary’s America”—shown so eloquently in the new film that is presently out at theaters across the country.

The communists in the videos from outside the DNC convention are the type of people America fought decades ago in wars across the world and now they are domestic terrorists bred in our public school system by many of the idiots who were in the room at the DNC convention and were crying over Hillary’s speech because finally for their minds—they had arrived at the moment of insurrection—the overthrow of America by a crime syndicate known as the Clinton’s.  For those who support Hillary Clinton and the progressive platform, there is your evidence that our public schools do not work—they simply make surrogates who will sign up for a lifetime of government assistance under a federal job advancing progressive thought into a borderless world and global vision worshipping Mother Earth instead of anything beyond.

The two sides cannot live together under one flag.  The progressives have to be defeated and pushed from our American borders.  Even if they eventually do outnumber the right-minded, America is not their country.  We are not a “DEMOCRACY” we are a republic and the masses will never rule from a communist mob the mind of the truly righteous.  A good mind can destroy the efforts of a million communist “progressive” bastards and it will be those who continue to challenge the attempts by the left to destroy America from within.  What we saw in Hillary’s speech was one last unadulterated attempt to erect a ruse which has worked in the past to keep their party, and their progressive movement alive.  But what I saw was a party poised for destruction—because beneath the words of the speech are the cracks of not a glass ceiling, but of a floor that is about to drop out on their very efforts plunging them into an abyss for which they will never return.  A political party where Hillary Clinton is the best that they can offer—and that is obviously deficient—there will be no going back from this.   We are on the brink and only one side can have the nation.  The losers will have to either be destroyed, or retreat to more sympathetic regions of the world—because America cannot hold both political parties situated this far apart diametrically.

Rich Hoffman


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